Young, Restless and Driven – Zeenat Beebeejaun

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Meet those that are changing the face of the industries they call their own. The young ones, whose vision of the world push us to look past our boundaries and expand our horizons. The ones that dared to dream and fought to achieve.

Zeenat Beebeejaun

Founder & CEO, Pearl Legal

In March 2013, Zeenat Beebeejaun, Founder and CEO of Pearl Legal, decided to take the professional plunge. A Mauritian by birth, she launched her own firm in the UAE after having acquired adequate experience whilst working in London and UAE law firms. She deals cases specialized in Commercial law, Company law, Entertainment law and Intellectual Property.

“As a child, I was mesmerized by the legal world and believed that a lawyer’s demeanour is quite distinguished and at the same time sophisticated. However, that fascination did not bear fruit then. I pursued a pharmacy degree first, since I enjoyed studying Chemistry and Physics at school and got the right entry requirements to study at university level in the UK,” Zeenat states.

After having got her dissertation published in a well known pharmaceutical journal and being the only one in her year to have managed to get her work published, she went on to get qualified as pharmacist in the UK and practiced for a few years before deciding to add another profession to her name and took on the challenge of studying law. The transition was quite abrupt as she was now being introduced to case laws and precedents from various areas of law, as well as statutes, but she thoroughly enjoyed the challenge that had led her to also pursue a Masters in Commercial law again in London.

“At present, I have taken up a new challenge as the CEO of my firm, but I believe that it is yet another learning curve,” she says with confidence.

In a year’s time, Pearl Legal has also launched a retainer scheme dedicated to clients who currently range from logistic companies to fashion designers, as well as, events companies.

Zeenat not only plays the role of a lawyer, but of an educator too. “It is a very challenging, yet interesting shift of roles that I play, that complement each other. Teaching law at one of the Scottish based universities in Dubai has enabled me to maintain a link with the younger generation and it is indeed satisfying and fulfilling to get recognized for having given those students an insight into the legal world and getting them interested in this sometimes daunting subject as some might perceive it to be. Keeping the students engaged in case laws and making them grasp various intricate legal concepts has been yet another learning curve for me,” Zeenat states.

“Being a lawyer, on the other hand, allows me to deal and negotiate with more mature clients leading to business transactions, company formations and various types of contract drafting which demands problem solving skills, as well as, great articulation skills and the intellectual ability to give sound and up to date legal advice on the spot,” she elaborates.

Her scientific background has been a great contributor in sharpening her way of thinking around a problem. “I usually find myself being more apt to understand complex cases and find a loophole which has been left uncovered, thus being able to advise the client on his different options,” she explains.

Being a lawyer at heart she believes, “Law demands the ability and flexibility to stretch your brain cells to various degrees and angles whilst solving real life legal scenarios and, coming from a pharmacy background, which is on the other end of the spectrum to Law, I believe that my brain has already been moulded into an elastic band which is ready to be utilized and challenged further by the legal world.”

For Zeenat Beebeejaun, the only passion that drives her today is her firm and is at the centre of her attention. She wishes to expand further in the near future wherein her firm will provide more legal services in other areas of law.