Zainab Alsalih

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segue from banking to organising corporate functions, Zainab gladly took her husband’s advice to bring together her love for planning and design to start her own event management company. It was when her first bride came calling that she found her destiny, “I absolutely loved doing her wedding. It was almost as exciting as planning my own! Since that day, I haven’t looked back.”

Six years on and Zainab has come to terms with the fact that there is no such thing as down time. “It’s literally 4/7. I am always here for my brides and we always have to be flexible with our approach. We work around their chedules and if the bride wants to talk to me at 10pm, I will be there for her,” she explains, while thanking her stars for having an understanding family with a husband and kids who recognize her need for space and time. “At the end of the day, if you love what you do, it doesn’t actually feel like work.”

But in a business where there could be surprises, last minute changes and volatile situations, how does she cope? “It simply is not an option,” states Zainab, “there are always surprises but a well planned wedding with a capable team, ensures that surprises are minimum. We always have multiple back up plans for all aspects of the wedding.” Especially when trying to deal with the two sides of the family. “There’s a lot of diplomacy needed when trying to bridge the gap between opinions and tastes of both families,” she goes on to explain, “you find yourself acting as a mediator to make sure the process is smooth. Nothing takes the joy out of a wedding more than families disagreeing. It’s situations like this when trust becomes an important factor. My clients need to trust me to know that I will make it work.”

Through it all, Zainab admits that the best part is being there for an emotional milestone of someone’s life. “There is so much love and joy in and around the wedding and to be a part of the celebrations is a wonderful
experience. I’ve seen everything from tears of joy to the overwhelming emotion of happiness and delight when they see their dream wedding unfurl before their eyes,” she exclaims. Social media makes it easy for Zainab to keep in touch with her brides and celebrate the joys of their marriages but the greatest feeling, according to her, is celebrating the birth of her brides’ babies. “It is such a powerful re-affirmation of how important what we do is,” she explains, “After all, happy couples deserve great weddings and creating those happy memories is what we are all about.”