Young, Restless and Driven – Vanashree Singh

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The new year brings new perspective. Meet those that are changing the face of the industries they call their own. The young ones, whose vision of the world push us to look past our boundaries and expand our horizons. The ones that dared to dream and fought to achieve

Vanashree Singh

Philanthropist & Entrepreneur

“Everyone needs a little luxury in their lives,” says Vanashree Singh, philanthropist, visionary and pioneer in the fashion and international events industry.

Born in the sunshine city of Durban, Vanashree is a multidimensional person as she is a wife, mother of two and an international businesswoman. Vanashree’s personal and business lifestyle always involved lots of domestic and international travel, and social engagements. “My extensive travels brought many luxurious and bespoke products to my wardrobe. The experience with these products on an individual level inspired the creation of VLuxe, the brand of VEnterprises,” says Vanashree.

Interestingly, luxury products are not just products but part of Vanashree’s lifestyle. She now extends sharing her special likes with the world! Moreover, being a mother of two, “It gives me great pleasure experiencing the world through their eyes,” she says. Her aspiration has been in connecting discerning buyers with exclusive brands – products that she has created through collaboration with master artisans, as well as, exclusive luxury brands from around the world.

“Our approach to style is simple – we choose flawlessly crafted, high-quality items and we let the luxury speak for itself. Our multibrand offering allows for unique self-expression and elegance,” she adds. VLuxe is more than an aesthetic; it represents a lifestyle of sophistication and timelessness. Luxury for Vanashree is a holistic approach, from the moment of concept to creating something special: The asthetics, the feel and energies that come together to encompass the finished product. “It’s about appealing to all the senses and at the same time unique and exclusive to ones personality,” she details. Is luxury then reserved for high-end markets? “I believe luxury is closely linked to personal attributes and can pertain to different markets. Everyone should have a little luxury in their lives,” she states. Besides, she is sure that Dubai is the right market for exhibiting the varied taste of luxury. “I find the discerning market very appealing. Not mass luxury rather, very refined luxury, which is why I love the Dubai market and have chosen it as the launch pad for my business, even though I reside elsewhere. The market here is very aware of what real luxury means therefore, when someone like me brings a brand into the market that maybe most haven’t heard of, they are aware enough to recognize real luxury and appreciate it.

Adding to her personality, her love for children and caring disposition inspired her to join a non-profit organisation called Save the Children Fund KwaZulu Natal (STCKZN) in 2000. Within a year of her volunteerism, she was nominated chairperson of STCKZN and most recently, director on the board of Save the Children South Africa.

Vanashree’s ongoing direction and guidance has grown the organisation’s footprint exponentially – outreach programmes that assist underprivileged children in KwaZulu Natal.