Young, Restless and Driven – Shivang Dhruv

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The new year brings new perspective. Meet those that are changing the face of the industries they call their own. The young ones, whose vision of the world push us to look past our boundaries and expand our horizons. The ones that dared to dream and fought to achieve

Shivang Dhruva

Founder Director, FAD International

A passion for fashion,a desire to trigger change,and a resolve to inspire individuality drove Shivang Dhruva to initiate FAD International,an institution for creative arts in India,now at the brink of opening a Dubai chapter“I grew up in a family deep rooted into fashion,” says Shivang.His family owned one of Western India’s first design studio back in the 70’s to production houses working for European labels.He enthusiastically spent considerable time with fashion during his childhood.

His career has evolved as a result of his early rendezvous with the industry, his time spent in London and the academic engagement at The London College of Fashion with a qualification in Fashion Promotion Media teamed with the global exposure over the years.

He reasons, “The years in UK propelled the desire, the desire to bring about a much-needed change in the creative education sector in India and make it globally acceptable and industry focused.”

Shivang’s potent desire to move away from merely teaching, to the process of learning has evolved FAD International in a culture that nurtures modern India’s finest creative and contemporary talent.

“Realistically speaking any enterprise big or small has its challenges. For us, the biggest challenge in India was to counter the traditional mindset,” he states.“Being a doctor, engineer, accountant or a science graduate is always a priority over creative vocational careers in India. To top it up, delivering a global curriculum with a shift of focus from teaching and writing exam papers to the process of learning has been the biggest challenge,” according to Shivang. It requires constant research, enthusiasm and engagement from the students teamed with passion, he understands.

He has been researching on the Middle East region over the past two years, and he feels Dubai has a fantastic environment to incubate creative talent. He plans to offer professional training courses in the field of Fashion Styling, Fashion Marketing & Communication, Luxury Brand Management & Fashion Retail here.

“The industry focused training courses are aimed at individuals looking at working in the fledgling fashion and luxury sector in the Middle East and with the setting up of D3 and Fashion Forward, we are enthused with the opportunities the region shall offer to those passionate to work within the industry,” he states.

“Dubai is the next fashion capital in the making. It’s becoming the epicenter for talent from around the globe with its strategic location and multicultural environment. I see it as a great platform for individuals in fashion,” says Shivang as he envisions that FAD will provide a globally versatile and certified training to nurture the talent in the Middle East.

Personally FAD International is beyond a commercial enterprise for him. Shivang spends over 14 hours a day, 7 days a week engaging with FAD International on various fronts in India and globally. “Fortunately my passion meets my profession and I love every minute of it. I travel, I love meeting people, I teach, I work and each day I pen down what’s next on the platter.”

FAD stands for Fashion, Art & Design and as an institution it delivers academic and professional courses in India in partnership with some of the worlds leading creative universities and institutions in the field of fashion, styling, fashion communication, fine art and photography, luxury and fashion retail. The objective is to train creative talent to work within a global and a dynamic environment and the same is facilitated through a global curriculum, international industry projects and visits, opportunities of term transfers to European schools and most importantly live industry projects.