Young, Restless and Driven – Jumana Ahmed

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Jumana Ahmed

Manager, Organiliciouz

When Jumana found out she was pregnant, she and her husband, Obaid, were keen on maintaining a
wholesome and organic diet to give their baby the healthiest start possible. Through the research he had done, Obaid was worried about the risks of consuming conventional food and wanted to provide his wife with the best food possible. This drive led to the creation of Organiliciouz, a farm where he grew vegetables and raised chickens and cows, which were free from antibiotics, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

With a strict policy to not use chemical fertilizers, insecticides, chemical herbicides or hormone shots,
Jumana and her husband decided to open their doors to the public and began supplying organic produce to the
health conscious people of the country. “We distribute fresh organic milk, fruits, vegetables, eggs, lamb and cow meat. We grow everything ourselves across the seven farms,” explains Jumana.

But what are the benefits of eating organic?
“Years of research has shown us that pesticides are associated with a variety of health problems such as
cancer, hormonal disruption and abnormal brand and nervous system development,” says Jumana. She goes on to explain that young children and pregnant women are at the highest risk rate. She adds, “Pesticides are especially unique among all the chemicals that are released into the environment. This is because they are toxic by design. Their sole purpose is to kill living organisms that are considered ‘pests’, such as insects, plants and fungi.”

Over the years, Jumana and her husband have worked towards educating the community and spreading knowledge about the benefits of eating organic. “We work very closely with the Ministry of Environment and Water and participate in as many health campaigns as we can. Also, we welcome schools that wish to bring their students to our farms to learn about healthy eating habits and growing food organically,” she says.

And these efforts seem to be paying off. “The importance of eating organic and staying health seems to be spreading. More people are aware of the benefits and are actively seeking out organic produce,” explains Jumana. And with plans to distribute their produce to more stores and become more accessible to people, Jumana and her husband hope to convert the entire region to an organic lifestyle. As for Jumana’s favourite dishes to make with the Organiliciouz produce? “I love using the vegetables to make fresh salads and our local, organic milk to make hot chocolate!”

By Sharon Carvalho