The Ultimate Guide to The Perfect Jacket

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Apple Shape: Broad shoulders, large bust and narrow hips

Choose a jacket that has a deep V-neck and nips in around the waist to give the body a narrower look. This will give your body the illusion of a smaller and more defined waist and the deep neck will not draw attention
to the top, distracting it from a fuller figure. When deciding what length to go for, opt for a length that should fall below the waist to the mid-length. This will cover the hips, making the entire look narrower. Avoid jackets with
pleats or any other element that accentuates your shoulders. The colour of the jacket can play a huge role on how it turns out. Apple shaped people can pull off almost any colour so feel free to experiment.


Hourglass Shape: Bust and hips in the same proportion with a small waist

Fitted jackets are the best option for this shape to emphasize the figure. Tailored jackets work really well with belts drawing attention to the right places. An hourglass figure can choose any length that will define the waist. Whether you opt for a light or a darker hue, the hourglass figure will carry itself well in any colour.


Pear Shape: Narrow shoulders, small bust and a wider bottom

For those with a pear shape, follow the same rule for the jackets as the tops. It should be waist length or three quarters, which won’t make you look bulky. For this body type, jackets that have shoulder pads will balance out the shape, which will enhance the shoulders in proportion with the hips. Avoid shorter lengths that will draw attention to the hips. Use brighter colours for your jackets and pair it a darker bottom that balances the shape.


Boyish Shape: Small bust, undefined waist and narrow hips

A tailored curvy jacket that flares out from the waist and ends at the hips will be an ideal choice for this body type. Opt for shoulder details and a belt clenched at the waist to balance the shape. Avoid oversized and straight cut
jackets as it does not create curves. For this body type, choose darker colours.