The Ultimate Care

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Beautiful skin and healthy hair lend themselves to our confident persona. We may don the trendiest outfit but if our skin looks dull or our hair is limp, it pulls away from the appearance. Japinder Kaur, owner of her production house, Jap Films, gives us her tips and tricks to maintaining a youthful glow and luscious locks

Skin Care:

1) Scrub every few days- A good face scrub helps remove dirt, pollutants and even gets rid of traces of make up that your makeup remover may miss.
2) After sun lotions- Sunscreen lotions are the most part of your protective skincare routine, but you can go a step further with after sun lotions or gels that cool your skin down and refresh it.
3) No makeup is no good- While it may seem that leaving our skin makeup free is the healthier option, a little layering could actually ‘protect’ the skin from harsh environmental conditions we face.
4) Gentle make up removers- The process of removing make up is very harsh on your skin if not done properly. Using cotton pads with highly effective make up removers and swiping gently and softly, especially around the eyes is important. The capillaries around our eyes are so delicate that tugging or rubbing carelessly can increase dark circles and wrinkles.
5) Aroma oils before you sleep- Oils are a stronger form of moisturizing your skin. Avoid using them in the day as it can escalate tanning. Before going to sleep, using aroma oils will not only soften your skin and add to your glow but will also make you relax and sleep better, which, in turn, shows on your skin.
6) Cover up- Even though it may not temporarily match your fashion statement, covering your arms and face while walking in the harsh sun will really protect your skin. Even while driving, a linen scarf around your arms helps prevent tanning in the short run, but slows down ageing in the long run.
7) Dive into your fridge- Herbal masks help improve the quality of your skin without worrying about the effects of chemicals. My favourite home remedy is to just dip a cotton ball in cold fresh milk and dab it all over my skin for a few minutes. It’s perfect for summers here as it removes your tan, cools the skin and cleanses and moisturizes.
8) Clay and mud masks work wonders- You should experiment to see what is the best kind of mask for your skin. I find clay masks very beneficial, especially Dead Sea masks that are full of minerals. They draw out all the oiliness and make skin look tighter and younger.
9) Keep blackheads at bay- Treating yourself to a good facial once in two-three months keeps whiteheads and blackheads at bay. Cleaner skin is a better base for everything else that you want to do for your face.
10) Be careful around the eyes and lips- Invest in good quality serums, creams, balms and lotions for these areas as they are easily affected. Just a few days of a careless diet or lack of sleep can bring about a difference and make you look dull.

Hair Care:

1. Don’t be lazy when it comes to washing your hair.
2. Condition as much as you can.
3. See a good doctor to find out if you need any supplements.
4. Indulge in an herbal hair mask once every fortnight.
5. Oil your hair at least once in a month.
6. Don’t tie your hair up too tight.
7. Keep styling as minimal as possible.
8. Use heat protector sprays.
9. Try to cover your hair with a scarf when under direct sunlight.
10. Do not be tempted to over colour.