The Power of Everything

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Power is best reserved for the ambitious, the passionate and the hardworking. Today, power is defined by more than just your work. It is often how you accommodate both your goals and your daily needs, from how you recharge to how you dress. Madhurya Manohar explores the power of everything

In addition to your required seven hours of shuteye, studies endorse the benefits of a short nap in the middle of the day. Coined as a power nap by James Haas, a social psychologist in Cornell University, it helps restore energy levels during a particularly groggy day or after an insomniac night. While it may seem unproductive and lazy to nap, it has in fact been proved that naps can stimulate mental performance even after a full night’s rest. While 30 minutes is the established norm, naps of other lengths are equally effective, just as long as you do not slip into deep sleep and, consequently, sleep inertia.

The power bank is a blessing for the woman on the move. If you haven’t been introduced yet, you should be. Power banks are essentially external battery chargers, not just for your phone but your other electronic devices as well. They come in a variety of styles, colours and recharge capacity. While choosing the right power bank comes with plenty of research, it’s worth the investment if you find yourself constantly fearing when your phone will give up on you.

Nothing says power like coffee. The caffeinated stimulant is a must in the mornings and warm company for the late nights. Espresso shots are also said to give you the right hit when the brain cells are slacking. For the non-coffee aficionados, there are other colourful potions to keep you refreshed, relaxed and recharged. Fruit and vegetable smoothies, made the right way of course, pack a delicious punch that keeps any guilt of cheating your diet at bay. Green tea has also long been a forerunner in power brews for their immense health benefits and a cup of Matcha Green Tea or Iced Chia Green Tea can also power you for the day ahead.

People of power are defined by their gait. While some walk with a confident, laidback stride, others stroll with more purpose and momentum. Outside of the office halls, a power walk also fairly fulfills your exercise quota for the day. If burning rubber on the treadmill or weight training sessions do not sit comfortably in your schedule, a simple power walk to wherever you go will suffice. Take your normal walking speed one notch higher; don’t jog and don’t run. Incorporate power walking for around half an hour everyday and the moderate exercise routine will yield great benefits.

Power dining is a concept customized for crisp suits and high-level banter. Business meetings and co-worker hangouts translated into dinners and lunches lend a more informal setting that makes conversation more enriching and less intimidating. While power dining in Washington DC essentially has leaders of industry and politicians coming together, the city of Dubai is no less. With both multinationals and local companies thriving here, it is easy to spot multiple tables in classy joints helmed by elite leaders having a laugh, inching a deal forward or simply getting to know prospective clients.

What is power really without finding time to keep fit, healthy and on the move? The world’s most powerful leaders keep apace with their agendas and hectic lifestyles with workouts designed for optimal physical and mental performance—ahem Michelle Obama. Power yoga works wonders for those looking to find balance and keep fit at the same time. For those trying to pack a punch after a hard day of negotiations, boxing and sparring is a great way to exorcise the aggression while also reenergizing oneself. It does not have to be all serious or calm; dance is also a killer workout. Zumba sets a variety of dance forms to some thumping beats and gets you ready to paint the town red after a stressful day. Not too bad a deal, we think.

More than the catwalks of fashion capitals, it is the corporate workplace that invites the most sartorial scrutiny. Power fashion is key in image control at your workplace; if you wear your ambitions, you are on the right path. Aside from the occasional Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg, power fashion is what the world’s CEOs adhere to to look the part. For women, especially, choices are so diverse as to include sleek androgyny interspersed with feminine chic. This includes pencil skirts and poker straight stilettoes, sharp blazers, pressed shirts and slacks, with bold and pastel colours and subtle silhouettes. It’s all in the name of the game.