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As a child of Bangladeshi parents who worked for the UN, Shafqat Islam, 32, spent his youth living in Thailand, India and Switzerland. Shafqat studied computer science and economics and landed a position at Merrill Lynch in the US. After five years, tired of the corporate life, he decided to start his own company in 2008. Shafqat’s company, News Cred, provides original content to companies, cultivated from a network of freelance writers, and licensed content from third-party publishers. News Cred provides brands with a single platform to streamline the entire marketing process—from audience insights and content recommendations to social publishing, distribution and analytics. NewsCred has got at least $50 million (AED 183 Million) in funding. His new company, The Newsroom, allows journalists to provide content for companies and get paid for it. “If you aren’t being told no enough times, you’re not pushing yourself hard enough or thinking outside of the box enough,” he says.