The Magic Touch

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Growing up in a Scottish home full of maimed animals from her father’s home clinic, being intrinsically linked to her twin sister and a healer mother who predicted that she would go places, Zoe Henderson chose to be a horse whisperer and healer for over 40 years. Manju Ramanan meets the amazing Zoe in Dubai

How did you choose to be in this field?
I have had a rich childhood and was naturally gifted towards healing animals. My father was a vet who was extremely humane towards animals and my mother was a spiritual healer. It was normal for me to see my father drive in with an injured animal that he had found on the roadsidea deer, a dog or a sheep. If the animal had a wound, he would stitch it up and then my mother would heal them. I assisted him in his work. It was normal for us to have about 30 odd animals living on the top floor of the home – that included birds, alligators, snakes and chimpanzees. And we lived with 18 dogs as well.

When did you realize that you could communicate with animals?
I was four years old and could connect to animals easily. They don’t talk back and accept things straight away unlike human beings. I was passionate about horses as well. I wasn’t great with grades in school unlike my twin sister who was always a very good student. My mother though told me that I would get something spectacular in my life and that my life would change and I would travel the world. What she said has come true – I have set clinics in many countries around the world – London, Ukraine, Geneva where I did a pre Olympic workshop, international dressages. Many a times the horses have gone to sleep with their heads on my lap.

You mentioned that you are very close to your twin sister?
Yes we are connected in a strange way. I have been a stewardess and during on of my flights my sister met with an accident and right in the middle of the night, I had wrenching pain in my abdomen. At that very moment, she was being operated. Right from childhood we could communicate to each other without speaking to each other. When my mother told me about that incident, I told her that I had endured the pain without an anesthetic.

When did you realize that you had the power of healing?
I realised it in my early teens, when I was putting my hands on animals and humans, as their ailments healed very quickly and in more than the normal time.

What do you do to keep your healing powers healthy?
I clear myself by visualising white or blue lights cleansing throughout the whole of my body every day, and extra at times, especially after each healing I do. meditation for tuning in, clarity and a quiet mind, allowing the healing energies to channel through me.

How do animals respond to healing? Are they better than human beings?
They don’t talk back and accept energy straight away. Animals automatically accept healing, same as children. They have open minds, so trust, and know they are being healed. So yes, easier that some humans.

In today’s fast paced life, what would you recommend people do to heal themselves?
I would recommend they use healing tools, such as visualization or meditation. Preferably both. Also hands on healing and definitely walking out into nature every day to receive the universal exchange of healing energies.

Do you work with children? How different are their energies compared to adults?
Yes, I do. Children, as animals accept healing easily, resulting in a speedy recovery.

How do we find our life’s guides – if they exist?
Our guides do exist and are there for us, to help us. We just need to listen to their messages. Regular meditation helps us to connect with them. In time, you can ask questions and get their answers.

Is one born a healer or one can become one through practice?
Everyone is born with the healing gift. By keeping it up, and using it as much as you can, it will get stronger.

What is the most common ailment that people have today that they ask healing for?
In general pain, and stress related problems, which manifest in many different ways. I can’t say that there is a common ailment as there are many, and each individual is different.

Can healing cure terminal illnesses? how?
Terminal illnesses can be helped, and in many ways of healing. It also depends on the positivity of that person. Miracles do happen!

Are there soul mates? Are they forever or temporary?
Yes, and they are forever

Photograph by: Khan