The Low Cal Gimmick

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Yes, we know all the damage sugar can do. But don’t junk that bite-sized candy bar just yet. It could do wonders to preventing fights with your partner, according to a study from Ohio State University, US. That’s because low blood sugar can make spouses ‘hangry’, a combination of hungry and angry. Researchers said taking a bite of a candy bar might be a good idea if spouses are to discuss something touchy. Fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, are a better long-term strategy for keeping blood sugar levels up.

Planning to try the new restaurant your friends have been going gaga over for its low-cal menu? Chances are, you’re more likely to order a higher-calorie meal, according to a new study from the Journal of Consumer Research. In four online studies, the authors asked participants to order food from menus similar to what they might encounter at wellknown chain restaurants. Some participants were shown traditional menus that listed available dishes like seafood and pasta, while another group was given calorie-labelled menus with low-calorie dishes grouped together. Study results showed that the participants who were given the traditional menus without any calorie information and the menus with the low-calorie food grouped together ordered food with similar amounts of calories. According to the study, when a menu comes with a listing of calories, it serves as an initial filter to cut calories. But most dishes are randomly listed as low calorie with no nutritional logic. Since you are made to believe it as being low-cal, you are likely to eat the whole portion too, consuming more calories in turn.