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Year after year, season after season; we see the wheel of fashion turn. Constant updating of the wardrobe, keeping up with trends and making room for ones to come can be quite a task for fashion lovers. But there are some staples that come to the rescue no matter what you are up to. Shweta Bhatia dives into the items that should be your wardrobe BFFs


The White Shirt

This has to be the best thing to have happened to the world of fashion. From the time mankind chose to wear shirts, the white shirt has come in many varieties and styles and has never left the building. Till date, you could pair it up with literally anything and it will never fail to jazz up your look. It can take you from looking formal to informal with no extra effort and the best part is, it always looks great.





If you still don’t own a Little Black Dress, I suggest, you return to your mothership and go back home, wherever that is. From the time you’re a teenager, this should be one of the first pieces you invest in. A black dress will uplift your mood, make you look leaner and give you a gorgeous feel that one always looks for. A black dress can never make you look overdressed and goes with any theme.




A good pair of heels

Shoes are to women like sports are to men. We can enjoy them just by looking at them. Although, owning only one pair of shoes is something no woman has done. And we all have that particular pair that we play favourites with. That pair of heels, which we save for occasions and, chances are, we wobble for most of the night but boy do they look divine in them. If you don’t already have one, a strong recommendation would be to get on that train. Even if you don’t feel like dressing up, a pair of heels will add the right element that you need to complete your




A statement accessory

Whether it’s a neckpiece, ring or a scarf, a statement piece can highlight any outfit that you own. It need not burn a hole in your pocket but it is an item that is a must have on everyone’s list. When buying a statement accessory, do stick to your style and not on what’s currently trending. This way, you will never get done with the piece and will go back to using it in the need of the hour.




A classic bag

Every closet needs a classic bag. It’s that statement piece that can go on from one season to the next and never go out of style. It will go with your formals, casuals and even when you want to try and go boho. A good, well-kept bag becomes your signature style. Some women even pass it on as an heirloom piece. This item is one to never let go of.