The Bold and Beautiful

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Art painted live at BOLDtalks, then auctioned for charity

There’s a lot more to Enida Mujanovic than her love for the sun, sea and her two blonde-haired boys. She is an event producer, a choreographer, a host/MC, an actress, a model and a voiceover artist. And if that’s not enough on her plate, she is the co-founder of BOLD talks – a thought provoking intellectual community event. Yasmeen Maqbool meets Enida to know what stirs the passion in her

Being from a country torn by civil war in the 90’s, Enida was compelled to leave her home, family and friends in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She eventually found a safe haven in Belgium to love it as her second home. Today she lives in the UAE, married, has raised a family and aims to impart to them a meaningful life. The quest in on, “My biggest wish is to create a better world for my children, a world where everyone lives in harmony, and where tolerance and respect are the core values.” Taking lessons from her own life experiences she understands that, “In order to tolerate, one must have an open-mind, desire to learn and understand his/her neighbour.

“The key is in creating an aware, conscientious society. And BOLD talks, I believe is the result of this
conscious effort and in 2008 the idea was born,” Enida says. She co-founded the forum with her husband Tamer Naha. It is a series of thought stirring events that host diverse talks by acclaimed regional and international speakers (world renowned journalists, scientists, psychologists, artists, parliamentarians, ambassadors, filmmakers, archaeologists, and various other thought-leaders) to present on a selection of very diverse topics to the regional audience.

Enida explains, “Here in Dubai, we are blessed with various entertaining events: Concerts, sports, musicals, theatre, etc. But there are hardly any events that engage us – the community, intellectually. Here people meet, exchange discussions and ideas (strictly non-political and non-religious) and contribute to the depth of Dubai’s intellectualism”.

“Each of those who attend our event, should be able to relate to the subject in discussion and place it into their own personal context,” she says. “The stories could be motivational, inspirational or of success; each from the audience should be able to walk away with a thought or two so that they can further share it with their friends and families. Only then will a ripple effect be created,” Enida states.

For her the choice of the speakers is twofold: “Directly related to my own research process and to the subject matter in question.”

She elaborates, “For example, last year we successfully launched BOLDtalks Woman, to feature stories of women who talk about different challenges and their success.

“We have opened a dialogue on issues related to women and discuss how to better women in different fields, health, family and career,” she goes on, “being a woman and hearing and seeing what’s happening around us, I believe it is the need of the hour to discuss on: Honour killings, child infanticide, selling brides to drug dealers, FGM and many more such issues.”

“We need to address these topics, raise awareness about them, tell of challenges faced by other women while applauding and celebrating a woman’s triumph over her struggle,” Enida asserts in order to make a difference in our lives.

“There have been many equally impactful stories I’ve learnt of; but if there is one most inspiring speaker that stood out to me personally was Steve Sosebee, the founder of the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund,” she says after giving much thought.

“It is a remarkable story of an American journalist who lost his Palestinian wife to leukemia, and out of love for her, he now lives in Palestine with two of his daughters (keeping them close their mother’s homeland), while also establishing and running a charity that helps save and better the lives of thousands of Palestinian children over the past decade,” Enida recalls.