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They access an audience in digital captivity that log on every day to read what they write. They have revolutionised the realm of storytelling and they claim that it’s just for fun. Fuelled with thoughts, dared with expression, donning new looks and wearing the right attitude, these new age fashion gurus mean serious business. Whatever the subject, these bloggers share one single attribute- passion. With followers in thousands, we speak to the top bloggers of the region, discover some new talent and tap into their ambition


The leading blog of UAE, , concluded it’s first year recently. Having worked in fashion and beauty, Sheida knew this was her calling and more than just a hobby. After leaving her day job, Sheida made the transition into full time blogging.

The blog covers three segments. Fashion; where she posts outfit details of what she wears, inspirations and fashion tips, beauty; which features the best in makeup and product reviews, and lifestyle; which inform you of the latest events, new restaurants and hotel reviews.

Before Sheida started blogging actively, she didn’t think that Dubai had so much to offer. Opening the door to a fun and exciting life, she also finds it extremely exhausting to keep up at times. But like, every passion and hobby, she finds a way to be there exploring away. Living in Dubai for only four years now, she finds a huge change in the fashion scene. When she first arrived in the city, she felt that it lacked creativity. According to the blogger, people weren’t labeled ‘fashionable’ if not wearing the latest designer gear. But now, she feels that with the help of social media in this region, you can look just as fashionable in even high street wear. Sheida, herself is inspired by the styles around her and feels that it has made fashion a lot more accessible than before.

Other sources of her inspiration are celebrities such as Olivia Palermo, Rosie Huntington Whiteley and Jessica Alba. She looks up to their chic and elegant personas, which seem effortless. “Their casual style is just as amazing as their red carpet moments. They have a serene beauty that shines through their confident demeanour” Sheida says.

If she could be a part of the yesteryears, she’d choose the 1950’s. It was when the ‘New Shape’ came into existence. Flattering the female body with clenched in waistlines, high waisted skirts and pretty fabrics is what
the blogger is a fan off. In terms of beauty, she loved the winged eyeliner, the perfect red lips combined with the
signature Hollywood curls. One can see her ape this look often on her blog even today.

Her own personal style is very daring, one would say. She likes to switch her looks and try different things.
Making the most of all the pieces in her wardrobe, pairing them differently each time is what makes her stand out in a crowd. She could be elegant and feminine one day and completely casual and sporty the other. Her mood plays a very important role in her ‘look of the day’. The same formula applies to her makeup. The young fashionista constantly challenges herself to try out something new. Sheida believes that the simplest and most effective way to look good is to dress for your body shape. Making sure that the fit is perfect for you is extremely important. As per the blogger, it doesn’t matter how good the outfit looks on the window. If it does not fit you perfectly, don’t bother buying it.

With her growing popularity in such a short span of time, Sheida finds it next to impossible to have a full day off from blogging. From recording what clothes she wears, to the makeup she applies to the food she eats, the lens addict cannot not keep track of all that she has to blog. However, she does cherish her ‘me’ time just
to laze around the house, spending time with her husband and her cat. Her future plans include to get bigger and better. She’s learnt that it’s a continuous growing process and it’s important to keep the passion alive.
Facing new obstacles helps her grow as a person and brings her utmost happiness.

So what is the famous blogger’s biggest pet peeve?
“Rules!” she exclaims. “I think fashion is something that can be interpreted differently by each individual. A subject open to criticism and constant questioning, I don’t see anything in fashion set in stone. Rules do not apply to fashion. It’s like art. There cannot be a right or wrong due to it’s expressive nature. If someone is confident enough to express themselves that isn’t the ‘norm’ then hats off to them.”


  • A hot pair of high heels
  • A perfectly fitted pair of jeans
  • A black blazer