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  • Kat Lebrasse

Kat Lebrasse

They access an audience in digital captivity that log on every day to read what they write. They have revolutionised the realm of storytelling and they claim that it’s just for fun. Fuelled with thoughts, dared with expression, donning new looks and wearing the right attitude, these new age fashion gurus mean serious business. Whatever the subject, these bloggers share one single attribute- passion. With followers in thousands, we speak to the top bloggers of the region, discover some new talent and tap into their ambition

Kat Lebrasse’s biggest fashion moment happened in February this year at New York Fashion Week. She sat front row at the BCBG Maxazaria’s Fall’ 15 show next to one of her style icons, Natalie Joos. “It was like a dream,” she reminisces. was created as an outlet to chronicle the thoughts of Kat Lebrasse, which is an honest anecdotal account featuring the things that she loves most; life, travel, beauty, health, style and most of all fashion.

The ethos behind the blog is that fashion is a lifestyle choice and travel is a necessity. A fashion and lifestyle portal, curated by Dubai based Australian stylist, the blog details Kat’s journey of style, travel, dining and beauty from the Middle East to multiple continents. From vintage shopping in Paris, to cycling through the vineyards of Tuscany, street style during fashion weeks to the latest hot spots on Dubai’s dining scene, keeps style seekers in the know.

Kat’s style is elixir. One part high street, one part high fashion, one part vintage pieces, a sprinkle of her own designs and a dash of confidence. Quirky yet classic, urban yet chic, playful yet conservative, whimsical yet structured, feminine yet edgy, the blogger who just delivered her first baby likes to have fun and not take it all too seriously.

Lebrasse is heavily inspired by her surroundings. ‘Visually greedy’ she calls herself. She also takes a lot outfit inspiration from social media, constantly checking in on street style posts and what everyone around the world is wearing. Kat doesn’t follow trends for the sake of it. For her, if it doesn’t suit her overall style and body shape,she will not wear it, no matter how fabulous others might look in it.

Since the blog has commenced, life has become beyond busy for the blogger. Between trying to keep up to date with all the news, photograph outfits, review new places, interview designers, stylists and celebrities as well as get all that coverage on the blog in a timely manner, there isn’t much time for anything else. Clichéd as it is, if Kat isn’t busy blogging, she likes to hang out with friends outside the industry who keep her centered.

And what’s her take on fashion in Dubai? “I love how much fashion in Dubai is evolving,” Kat expresses, “There are so many amazingly talented regional designers who are making big waves in the industry and that excites me. I feel as far as the city goes, Dubai is the place to be, especially with initiatives like D3 and Fashion Forward helping us to make our mark. When I travel and tell people in the fashion industry that I live in Dubai, they are super excited and talk about Dubai as the next fashion hub. It’s taken a while to get there but Dubai is definitely on the international fashion radar and will continue to be so.”

• A quality everyday leather bag
• A good pair of ankle boots
• Classic white shirt
Kat Lebrasse

Kat Lebrasse