The Blogger Brigade – Diya Ajit and Julia Dolgodvorova

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  • Photograph by: Adam Browning-Hill

They access an audience in digital captivity that log on every day to read what they write. They have revolutionised the realm of storytelling and they claim that it’s just for fun. Fuelled with thoughts, dared with expression, donning new looks and wearing the right attitude, these new age fashion gurus mean serious business. Whatever the subject, these bloggers share one single attribute- passion. With followers in thousands, we speak to the top bloggers of the region, discover some new talent and tap in to their ambition

Having met three years ago while working at a fashion magazine, Diya and Julia became close friends and found that they had a similar love interest- fitness. The girls decided to become workout buddies and as they worked their way towards their fitness goals, they discovered that a lot of working women would turn to them with queries. To answer questions and offer advice, they launched a blog called ‘Fitness Dorks’.

Julia had always led a healthy and active life. At university, she would jog everyday and follow a very nutritious diet. On the other hand, when they first met, Diya was clinically obese at 33% body fat. She ate poorly, barely slept and worked a stressful job. When she turned 30, she underwent a surgery that left her bedridden for several weeks. Post her recovery, she took charge of her health and made fitness her lifestyle. For about a year now, Diya and Julia have been dedicated to working out regularly and eating clean.

As they worked their way to a healthy lifestyle, they were approached by numerous people who had questions about their regime. Everything from the diets they maintained, the workouts they followed and the healthiest places to eat out were part of a long list of queries. They also realized that most of these enquiries were coming from working women. And so, to answer them all, the girls created a blog that was for the working woman, by the working woman.

Diya, who loves high intensity training and core workouts, and Julia, who prefers yoga and circuit training, use the blog to share personal experiences. They divulge their health plan, record their physical transformations and offer advice. One of the key aspects of their know-how is finding a way to incorporate regular workouts into the diet wrecking ‘Dubai lifestyle’. They discourage crash diets and believe that if you eat healthy 90% of the time and bring any form of workout into your daily regime, you will never need to resort to faddish eating habits.

With the blog, the girls don’t stop at fitness. They capture their individual fashion style through their health driven posts. Diya’s style is edgy, contemporary and leans towards the monochromatic palette while Julia is bohemian, preppy and colourful with her taste. Working for a fashion magazine, they are inspired by what the fashion industry exhibits around them, from runway shows to street style and celebrity musings. Their style icons are Rooney Mara, Leigh Lezark, Caroline De Maigret, Ines De La Fressange, Olivia Palermo and Aimee Song. With their favourite fashion eras being the 20s and 70s, Diya believes that when it comes to fashion, less is always more while Julia opts to always accessorise.

As much as they love fashion, they will never shift focus from their first passion, fitness. Being a part of a large health and fitness community that has embraced them with open arms comes with its own scrutiny. While they go about their lives, the chances of being recognized, questioned and judged have increased but for Diya and Julia it’s simple. They choose to follow a mantra: Focus on the project and the rest follows.