Talise Spa, Madinat Jumeirah

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Sometimes, it is important to let your mind and body go and run far away from the rat race and the maddening crowd we live in.

That is exactly what my husband, Vikram, and I did to celebrate 20 years of being married. The minute we drove in, I was engulfed in a really good feeling. And that was that. We were greeted warmly and made to feel so special. There was an attendant waiting for us who walked us around the spa and introduced us to its various aspect.

We were given free reign to use the facilities at the spa so we began our evening with a dip in the warm pool. The serene ambience was the perfect beginning and we could feel our aches and pains melting away.

After this, we were taken in for our 60 minute aroma oil, full body massage. We were given a choice of different organic oils, based on our individual preference. The experienced and well trained hands of the masseuse magically worked through every muscle and tissue in our bodies. The oils helped de-stress and rejuvenate while we were lulled into a state of bliss.

At the end of the experience, we were given a special tea to enjoy while soaking in the great weather. This just added to the paradise we were a part of and we recommend this special experience to anyone that wishes to celebrate togetherness and a special occasion.

Madhu Arora