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Reem Abou Samra defines multi-faceted as an entrepreneur, a high-end custom jewellery designer and a yoga practitioner by qualification. The owner of the boutiques Kid’s Puzzle and Little Angles, the woman responsible for bringing Roberto Cavalli Junior and Young Versace to the region and for opening the salon José Eber La Loge at The Address Montogomerie, Reem spends her days managing her many businesses. Apart from this, she is the mother of twin teenage girls and always makes time for friends and family. Sharon Carvalho spends the day with this dynamic woman to find out how she does it



Knowing that her day is going to be busy and she must look and feel her best, Reem starts her morning with an hour of yoga, meditation and breathing exercises. This gives her the energy she needs to stay positive and keep smiling all day long. Then, she dons a jacket and top by Musani over Roberto Cavalli pants and finishes her look with a Chanel necklace, Dior earrings, Prada heels and totes an Hermes bag. “I come to the office for about three hours during which I meet with my internal teams, such as Accounting and HR, and tackle any issues they may be facing.”



Reem’s ingrained hospitality comes to light as she heads to lunch with clients. “Having a meal with the people you work with is a great way to ensure you enjoy the meeting. It builds a closer relationship; helps you understand the person better and makes them feel welcome. Also, I have a number of clients that visit from around the world and only come to the city for a few days so it’s always nice to take them out for a meal.” For these meetings, Reem changes into a jacket and top by Ayesha Depala, stays in her Roberto Cavalli pants but accessorises the look with a brooch from Chanel, a Rolex watch and rings that she designed herself.



Post lunch, Reem heads to her salon to make sure everything is smooth sailing. “I spend time with my staff and clients. I like to know that everyone is happy and things are under control.” For this, she pairs an Alberta Ferretti jacket and blouse with Roberto Cavalli pants and changes into heels from Dior. “I always have a spare pair of shoes in my car or office. You never know when you’ll need to change!”


After spending a few hours working on managing the salon, Reem gets her hair, nails and makeup done to get ready for a night out with friends and family. In a Zuhair Murad bespoke dress, Dior heels, Rolex watch, Cartier bracelet and rings she designed herself, she is ready to do what she loves doing the most. “Life gets busy sometimes and you have to prioritise things but I believe that if you can manage your time well, you will be able to do everything you want. I love being with my friends and family. They fill me with positive energy and happiness.”

Photographs by: Sarfaraz Ali Photography