Strobing 101 look fresh day-to-night

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Contouring is so 2014. Like a Renaissance painting, the technique requires time, patience and layers of product. Enter, strobing. Thought of as low-maintenance contouring, strobing is a fast way to highlight your best features, no expert knowledge of make-up artistry required. The climate in the Middle East can be unforgiving, especially after spending time on your make-up routine. There’s nothing worse than having your look mussed by a warm gust of air as you hop into your subarctic Uber. This is perhaps one of the greatest drawbacks of contouring. While it does leave your face with a beautifully chiseled finish, it can be time consuming and downright messy. Perhaps it is these drawbacks that led to strobing, the latest trend in makeup. “Really, strobing is just highlighting,” explains makeup artist and YouTube sensation Desi Perkins. The 28-year-old American vlogger has become a leading authority online for makeup tutorials and strobing is one of her favourite looks. “It’s highlighting to another level…to give your face an intense glow. It’s just all about light. It’s very youthful.”



Start off with a cream “I find that when I apply a cream first everything else will stick to it a lot more.” Apply the highlighter to wherever the light hits. This includes your cheekbones, brow bones and on the bridge of your nose. When applied, the highlighter will bring these features forward, so be sure they are features you’d like to focus on. For example, if you choose your cheekbones, apply the highlighter cream and follow the ridge of the bone with your finger to blend the product. Applying this product to the tip of your nose will also result in a more lifted, button-like quality. The overall result should be a fresh and dewy look ready for product to be applied overtop.
Helpful tip:Be sure to avoid any pores in the area, as the highlighter will accentuate them. Not a desirable look.


After creating a base, add a powder to add something extra to the base. Go over the whole face with this product. “This is going to intensify it just a little bit but it’s also going to set that cream,” Perkins explains. This step results in a all-over sheen.


The third step is arguably the most vital. This step involves using an illuminating highlighter on the upper cheekbone, upper brow and tip of the nose. “I love doing this part. This is my favourite part of highlighting,” Perkins confesses. It is also important to highlight the Cupid’s bow. This is the part of the upper lip that meets the center of the nose. By adding the highlighter to this feature, you will achieve a fuller upper lip. Do this by following the top of the lip line and bringing it up towards the base of the nose. Add some of this powder to your inner eyes to open them up for a doe-eyed effect.


Finally, to preserve this look whatever the climate add a spritz of MAC Prep + Prime Fix +. This scented formula will cause the powders and creams to settle into the skin, resulting in the most dewy look possible. When strobing looks too powdery, the final result will be matte. This isn’t what you’re going for.

Strobing is hardly new or a trend. Going by other pseudonyms like highlighting, strobing has recently received a lot of attention by being the choice look of supermodels and celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. Regardless of how your approach strobing, it is sure to add a youthful glow to freshen up any look.