Spicy Lamb Cutlets

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Lamb cutlets in Rosemary, Oregano and Labneh

COOKING TIME: 8 minutes

30 pieces lamb cutlets, French trimmed

For the marinade:
60 g ground cumin, freshly ground
60 g smoked paprika
40 g oregano, finely chopped
12 g rosemary, finely chopped
40 g garlic powder
12 g shicimi pepper
80 g Syrian chili paste
12 g ground coriander seed
12 g ground ginger
12 g ground cinnamon
80 g soft brown sugar
20 g Malden sea salt
4 g turmeric powder
360 ml extra virgin olive oil
120 ml freshly squeezed lemon juice

For the pickled vegetables:
30 baby carrots
20 baby onions
10 Lebanese cucumber
20 black olives
1 x 30 cm piece konbu
150 g castor sugar
20 g salt
20 pieces black peppercorns
20 pieces coriander seeds
1 litre water
200 g salt
500 ml rice vinegar

• Assorted cresses and herbs 300 g mint labnah, see recipe.

• Mix the water and the 200g of salt and soak the carrot batons and baby onions for 30 minutes, remove from the salted water and refresh under cold running water for about 15 minutes, discard the salted water.

• Bring another liter of water, table salt, vinegar, sugar, konbu, coriander seeds and the pepper corns to a simmer, till the sugar has dissolved, remove from the heat and allow to cool.

• Marinate the Lebanese cucumber, baby onions, olives and carrot batons in the pickling liquid for at least 72 hours.

• Finely chop the fresh herbs then add along with the rest of the ingredients into the robot chef, blend to a paste, check the seasoning.

• Trim and clean the lamb cutlets, marinate for 18 hours. Make the labneh with freshly chopped mint and coriander.

• Wipe off all the marinade from the lamb cutlets, grill the cutlets and serve with some mixed pickle, the mint and coriander labnah.