Sneha and Ravisha Bhatia

Post 1679 of 1734


Founders of Sugaholic Bakery, Bur Dubai

“We owe it to our father. He showed us that it was important to look beyond ourselves and help others,” explains Sneha, “All his life he supported different organizations and constantly worked towards improving the education conditions of children in India. He believed that it was the least he could do for his country while he was away.”

It was this constant reminder to give back to the less fortunate that honed a philanthropic tendency in the dynamic duo. Armed with careers in banking, they set out to support a young girl’s dream through sponsoring her education via Deepalaya, an organization based out of New Delhi, India.

But putting aside a portion of their salaries was not enough. To the girls, it felt like something was missing. “Ravisha loves cake and decorating them puts a sparkle in her eyes and I had learnt to make chocolates so we combined our skills and put on a bake sale.

It just so happened that we made enough money to pay for the child and that’s when we realized that if a few cupcakes, really badly decorated ones, and some chocolates could help one child, it was up to us to do everything we could to help more,” which was how Sugaholic was born in 2010, an innovative bakery where they could put their own spin on customized cakes.

Following the bake sale, the sisters found themselves inundated with calls and messages from friends, family and strangers alike, asking them to make cakes and cupcakes for various occasions and by 2012, their home based bakery was big enough to set up a cheerful little shop with drool worthy creations.

Since then, the girls have made it a point to set aside time to work with as many charity organizations as they can. Apart from continuing their work with Deepalaya, Sneha and Ravishahave worked with SFS- Special Families Support, a group that connects families with children with special needs, where they held a cupcake workshop for the young adults of the group. They have also helped raise funds to sponsor the education of a young boy who then went on to study art at Mawaheb from Beautiful People, the first art studio for young adults with special needs. “We don’t publicize it because, we don’t like to toot our own horn, that is not the intention but we will always do our bit to help,” says Sneha.

The girls take pride in the fact that their work seems to be inspiring others. “People ask us all the time about the organizations we work with and how they can get involved,” she explains, “We believe that when you have enough people and time, you can be involved in any kind of charity work, even if it is a task as small as
giving food to the cleaners who keep our city looking beautiful.”