Sliver Screen Sirens

Post 1470 of 1734

We peer into the wardrobes of the golden girls of television



Character: Alicia Florrick, Show: The Good Wife.

  • From her iconic all pearls and half ponytail look she gradually shifted to grey vests with white button-down shirts and tan blazers.
  • Veteran designer Daniel Lawson chooses grey floral Rena Lange jacket with black Gucci pants, or the black gold zip-front L’Agence jacket with an Alexander McQueen pencil skirt to dress her for the show.
  • Styled in peplum jackets and pencil skirts, crisp suits and neutral tones. The goal was to make her look elegant even in the midst of all her personal and professional turmoil.



Character: Jessica Pearson, Show: Suits

  • From her beautiful pink Roksanda Ilinic dress, in season one to an Armani shirt with Alexander McQueen skirt in season two, all her ensembles are hits.
  • Her outfits are sexy, classic and romantic, with a little fun element added to it.
  • She’s spotted in minimal accessories but statement pieces.



Character: Donna Paulsen
Show: Suits

  • She’s a New Yorker and Harvey Specter’s secretary who flaunts her expensive taste as she knows what she wants and how to get it.
  • Donna’s style is on the spunkier side. She’s often seen in printed dresses like the sleeveless Reed Krakoff in season one.
  • Bright bold colours are Donna’s signature which is attitude she depicts in her character.



Character: Rachel Zane
Show: Suits

  • She is the youngest of the three power women on the show and belongs to a rich family and that reflects on her affluent wardrobe choices.
  • She’s often seen in structural pieces like the white Rachel Comey blouse, paired with Alexander McQueen skirt in season two.
  • Her tops are brilliantly paired with her classic pencil skirts and pumps, but it is the V-neck silhouette, which gives her outfits a sexier, less conservative vibe.



Character: Claire Underwood, Show: House of Cards

  • She’s not exactly your agony aunt for relationships, but Claire Underwood is on top of her power dressing game.
  • With her becoming the first lady in season three, her style has turned even more exalted than it was in the previous seasons.
  • She’s usually clothed in sophisticated yet chic blouses, pinstripe tops, barely there collar tops in shades of deep cranberry and different versions of classic LBDs.
  • Her wardrobe consists of well-cut blazers, sharp shoulder shirts and structured sheath dresses, which add sex appeal without any cleavage show.



Character: Olivia Pope
Show: Scandal

  • The one thing Olivia Pope has got going for herself is her ability to rock a power suit or a stylish sheath dress and make it look flawless.
  • Olivia’s wardrobe is stacked with pantsuits from power dressing pioneer Giorgio Armani and iconic trench coats from Burberry.
  • Her minimal outfits are a perfect blend of femininity, power, strength and flamboyance.

The Royal EFFECT

Aristocracy and its grace and class


Kate Middleton

  • She simply can’t put a foot wrong in the fashion stakes, with women around the world rushing out to copy her elegant royal look, which is generally dubbed as ‘The Kate Effect’.
  • Kate Middleton is known to mix high end with high street with great ease and unlike other celebrities, she strongly believes in recycling her old outfits.
  • Kate has remained loyal to British labels like Alice Temperley, Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen and Jenny Packham. Her high street wardrobe consists of Topshop, Reiss, Zara and Whistles. All of these brands have reported record sales since being supported by the Duchess.
  • Kate is usually spotted in single colour outfits in the shades of emerald, ruby and ink blue, which creates a royal and dignified image.
  • The princess usually wears earrings, her marriage ring and a watch and sometimes a belt over her coat to subtly enhance the curves.



  • She’s flamboyant and contemporary- Queen Rania of Jordan has redefined the appearance of modern monarchs with her own sense of style.
  • Her wardrobe ranges from casual and coordinated ensembles to glamorous and bejeweled outfits to match her royal reputation as a queen.
  • Her style is often compared to Princess Diana: glamorous, beautiful, classic and royal.
  • She is famous for her obsession of well-structured knee-length dresses that are usually accompanied with statement belts, which subtly accentuate her figure .
  • Various shades of deep blue and neutral colours on light fabrics perfectly complement her complexion.
  • The Queen’s wardrobe preferences have a strong European influence, but she never fails to support Arab designers, such as: Elie Saab and Krikor Jabotian.

First ladies of FASHION

Fierce personalities with impeccable style



  • As soon as she became the first lady of the White House, Michelle Obama gained major fashion votes for her chic and elegant style.
  • Her sartorial choices range from flowy and casual frocks to sharp formal wear which makes her the perfect muse.
  • It’s no secret that Mrs. O is the quintessential version of today’s modern woman, strong, successful, educated with a great appreciation for fashion.


Jackie Kennedy:

  • Jacqueline Kennedy was undoubtedly one of the greatest style icons of her century.
  • Her style was classic and nonfussy from timeless Givenchy and YSL gowns to casual Lilly Pulitzer sheath dresses.
  • Her subtle yet powerful fashion choices inspired a whole generation of women.


Hillary Clinton:

  • The former first lady of the White House, Hillary Clinton is a selfproclaimed ‘pantsuit afficionado’.
  • Her outfits aren’t limited to just colour coordinated options. In fact, she’s more about making a statement with bold jackets or beaded neckpieces.
  • She’s become one of the most popular corporate icons in the fashion world today.