She Means Business

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Holly Tucker founded gifts website with her friend Sophie Cornish in 2006. Their plan was simple—to hunt out the most original items from the best creative small businesses, and bring them together in one place, making it easy for people to browse and buy. The products include home items, jewellery, clothes and stuff for weddings, babies and pets. From just a couple of sales a day, the business had a turnover of £83 million (AED 471 million) last year. In her book, Shape Up Your Business, she says, “You never know when opportunity will come knocking, which is why you should prepare and practise your elevator pitch. Prepare a two-line and ten-line elevator pitch and learn it. It allows you to sell yourself effortlessly and naturally at every opportunity as you never know when you might meet someone interested/ interesting/helpful/useful to your career.” As someone who has five venture capital investors on board to date, Holly knows what she’s talking about.