Seven Deadly Sins by Lipstick Queen

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“Every cop is a criminal and all the sinners saints” sang the Rolling Stones but you don’t have to sympathize with the devil to understand that there’s a little saint and sinner in all of us.

Celebrating this fact and all the many shades of the feminine psyche is a new range of wickedly seductive glosses entitled Seven Deadly Sins. These lightweight yet full pigment glosses bring a touch of decadence to the lips in seven enticing shades that prove you can still dial up the glamour even as you fall from grace.

Lightweight yet full pigment
Serum-like texture with no hint of stickiness
Seven delectable shades:
o Vanity tempting wine Avarice
o Sultry nude-peach
o Decadence enticing fuchsia
o Envy passionate purple
o Anger fiery red-coral
o Indolence luscious nude-pink
o Lust devilish deep red

Seven Deadly Sins from Lipstick Queen will be available exclusively in Bloomingdales, Harvey Nichols, Areej and Paris Gallery.