Sarah Farah

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“I fell into the creation of White Almonds without even realising it at the time!” says Sara Farah, owner of the unique wedding registry brand. “It was while working at a wedding shop in New York that I realised there was a niche in the Dubai market. I had family and friends that were getting married but were planning their registries abroad or in shops that had no online presence and this made gifting difficult for overseas guests,” she adds.

With an aim to create a sophisticated program that was unique, flexible and had a strong online presence, Sara honed in on her love of art and interior design, combined it with the more traditional kitchen, table top and decorative items and brought forward White Almonds. As for the name, Sara wanted to choose something that was not obvious but had meaning and symbolism behind it. “It was important that the name be globally recognised in different cultures, especially since I’m half Arab and half European,” she explained, “White almonds have a bitter sweet taste, just like life, and the white sugar coating on the outside symbolises that the couples life will be more sweet than bitter.” Tradition from the West also dictates that five white almonds handed to the guests represent life, happiness, longevity, fertility and wealth. Also, as the number five is indivisible, it symbolises how the couple will share everything and never be divided.

Creating a wedding gift registry is a deeply personal experience. It is showing your friends, family and loved ones your vision for your life and your home with your partner. It is this experience that Sara offers to her clients, an exciting and unique selection of gifts with a wonderful variety that is found on no other registry. “When choosing designers, brands and products I wanted to offer something that was completely new to the region. All the brands we carry are hand made in Europe, unique in design, handcrafted with traditional methods and produced to the highest quality and standard,” explains Sara, even going as far as partnering with those that offer limited edition books and one of a kind travel experiences.

Online shopping is a relatively new concept in the region and it is this influx that Sara capitalized on. “I would have never started an e-commerce company if I didn’t believe in the great online shopping potential of the country. I believe that young entrepreneurs, who have spotted great online opportunities in an emerging market, have limitless possibilities and that is very exciting,” she says. With hopes to expand the business, partner up with other services, explore the wedding market and even open up a sister company, Sara has great confidence that this is the beginning of a successful future.