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Hair? Check. Makeup? Check. Outfit? Check. These women don many hats in their daily lives. But that doesn’t stop them from looking fabulous everyday to attend the various events that they do. It can be for work or pleasure, they have mastered the art of working hard and networking harder. We dive into the diaries of five socialistas to find out how they swing it

Sarah Abdallah

29 year old Sarah Abdallah is the founder of Dubai Pretty Ladies which is a multi-faceted social media platform that depicts the lifestyle of Dubai’s socialites, such as their gatherings, celebrations and more. The life of social events is captured from Sarah’s point of view where she invites all her followers to witness her daily journey.

“I have always been a social person and like to connect with people. I believe everyone has something special that is worth discovering, so I would say I’ve always been social by nature.” Sarah says. Her day starts as early as 7am. The beautiful mother of twins puts on her mummy hat and organizes breakfast, getting them ready for school and dropping them off. She then returns home to get ready for lunch and organizes the schedule for play dates and activities. Once the kids are taken care off. She starts preparing for her events. “First, I make sure that all my duties for my kids are completed and everything is in place. I am a very last minute person as they say, so my routine usually involves picking up my outfit for the day and then I head to the salon to do my hair, nails and make-up.”

Her favorite aspect of her social life is hosting events and bringing people together. She finds the process enjoyable. She’s meticulous with details such as the decoration, picking the menu, creative themes and entertainment. “I can say that it requires a lot of multi-tasking and also very little sleep. But’s it’s all worth it in the end when you see that your family and friends are happy.”

According to the socialite, when someone selects a dress code for their event it is because the host has a vision in mind, a story they want to tell and a good guest will respect that wish. So, safe to say that she follows the dress code to every gathering she is invited to. “I was once invited to a polo lunch and it specified a certain dress code. I decided to wear a hat and when I showed up there, I was the only one who was wearing one. I wouldn’t call it my fashion faux pas but it turned out to be a sunny day and it worked out well”, Sarah smiles.

Sarah keeps herself fit by following a protein diet and a detox. A self proclaimed bag and shoe addict, she updates her wardrobe on a weekly basis but has a special place in her heart for all her Elisabetta Franchi outfits.

She may be a full time mother and a socialite, but it seems to be that Sarah is living her dream and enjoying every moment of it. “I love my life, but even then, my preferred gathering would be all the times I spend with my family. Travelling with them is the only way to relax for me. I believe traditions are important for children and taking them back to their hometown, Lebanon, is one of the places where I make the most memories. That has to be my first love.”