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Hair? Check. Makeup? Check. Outfit? Check. These women don many hats in their daily lives. But that doesn’t stop them from looking fabulous everyday to attend the various events that they do. It can be for work or pleasure, they have mastered the art of working hard and networking harder. We dive into the diaries of five socialistas to find out how they swing it

Nina Zandnia



Nina Zandnia has been a part of social events since she was born. Both her parents were influential people in the world of politics. Nina, herself, is a presenter, producer, director and also a fashion designer. Her working hours are round the clock. “In the media world there is no such thing as fixed working hours,” Nina shares. Networking is a part of her job but she does enjoy it. So how does she prepare on the day of a very important event? “An amazing team at Yas Beauty Spa do most of the job for me. If I have a red carpet event, I usually wake up in the morning and have a facial, followed by my hair, makeup and nails done. On most events, my very talented designer friends such as Ezra Santos, Michael Cinco, Furne Amato and Nariman Zeidan usually dress me up and once that is done, I’m ready for the night “ she shares.

Nina has been working on a documentary about the civil war in Syria and is organizing a big event for the screening of it. Currently most of her time is dedicated to having meetings with sponsors and PR companies. She is always on the move, be it day or night. Luckily, her Scandinavian genes don’t let extravagant buffets at various events affect her body. “I have no diet at all, never been on one in my life. I eat everything and anything at any given time. But being skinny doesn’t make me fit, so I have now started following a healthy lifestyle by eating right and working out”

Since she has to be out meeting with so many people, appearance is always something that she pays close attention to. Her wardrobe is updated nearly every week. But her heart still beats for her Valentino gowns. “I’ve always been a big fan of him since my mother introduced him to me at an early age”. With such an extensive and envious wardrobe, what’s the one thing we won’t find in her closet? “Leopard printed leggings,” she says, “They just look very wrong”

Even though she attends so many events and hosts as many of them, Nina would really like to throw a ‘Persian Empire’ themed party. Her two great grandfathers were ruling kings in the history of Persian-Iran from the Zand dynasty and she would love to bring her old culture back to life, even if it’s just for a night.

With her day starting as early as 7am, she spends her hours working on many projects simultaneously; meeting different people with different backgrounds, spending the evening at some soiree and ending the day Skyping with her loved ones back home. But that’s not all this busy body is up to. “When I’m not working, which is very rare, I find time to fly planes, play the piano, paddle board and spend time with my dog, Rocco. As much as I love socializing, these are the things that truly complete my life.”


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