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Hair? Check. Makeup? Check. Outfit? Check. These women don many hats in their daily lives. But that doesn’t stop them from looking fabulous everyday to attend the various events that they do. It can be for work or pleasure, they have mastered the art of working hard and networking harder. We dive into the diaries of five socialistas to find out how they swing it

Amal Salameh


At 7am the alarm goes off and the moisturizer goes on. Outfits for the day are usually planned overnight, if not then they are totally improvised. Mascara, lipstick and a dab of blush to the cheeks and Amal is ready to start the day. Once in the office, the day is consumed by excel sheet reports, meetings and conference calls. In between all of this she shuffles between two work emails. At 12.30 she breaks for lunch. This could mean lunch on the go while at the beauty salon prepping for the event of the day or a normal lunch break with friends. It could even mean running her errands during lunchtime to later eat at her desk.

By 6pm she’s done with work and, because she lives in Abu Dhabi, it is now time to make her way to Dubai for a work event. The drive is the only alone time she gets. By 7pm the event life is in full swing and captured on social media. At 10pm she drives back home to Abu Dhabi when it’s time to indulge in some good music to end the day. At 11:30pm, it is bedtime. But before doing so, her schedule is checked for the next day and the outfit is selected. “When a hectic day comes to an end, I just want to read my books. That’s my detox time,” she says.

This is a normal day in the life of Amal Salameh. Working in the operations department in a multi- national audit and consultancy firm, Amal has been socially active for over a year now. With such a busy schedule throughout the week and weekend, she likes to end her Sundays with a relaxing note in a spa.

Amal is definitely a social butterfly and as much as she is all over the place, she is extremely selective about the soirees she attends. She says it is important to network with other people and not just sit there trying to capture the right selfie, She believes in documenting events for social media and not attend an event if you just want to be seen there, as that defies the purpose and is disrespectful to the host.

But even with being on the move constantly and literally having a car trunk that can be considered a walk in closet for any last minute changes, Amal is very disciplined with her lifestyle. She eats five to six times a day and keeps her carbs for the daytime. To keep fit, dessert is skipped most of the time.

As much as she loves attending social dos, she enjoys hosting events even more. For her birthday dinner this year, she hosted a ‘Secret Garden’ theme where she turned a long white table into a garden of roses for her sit down guests. Even with such a crazy schedule, she manages to look flawless all the time. What’s her secret? “Moisturizing and sunscreen. I believe that you should let your skin breathe which is why I refrain from using foundation on a daily basis,” Amal shares.


Three things in your bag?
Portable charger, lipstick and dark chocolate
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Minimal with a glow.
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Paco Rabanne – Lady Million