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Alanoud Badr


Hair? Check. Makeup? Check. Outfit? Check. These women don many hats in their daily lives. But that doesn’t stop them from looking fabulous everyday to attend the various events that they do. It can be for work or pleasure, they have mastered the art of working hard and networking harder. We dive into the diaries of five socialistas to find out how they swing it

Alanoud Badr is the designer behind the fashion brand ‘Lady Fozaza’. Known for her collection of statement blazers, her designs have been worn by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Lebanese singer, Nancy Ajram. She is amongst the top five popular local fashion figures on social media.

Her day usually starts with meditation followed by a healthy breakfast. It then consists of meetings and a visit to her workshop to check on her upcoming collections. Once work is done for the day, the evenings are about socializing with friends and attending events. “I carefully select the events I want to be associated with or attend those that make sense since Dubai has become so saturated with them. Being selective is important when managing your time wisely and as it has to benefit both parties,” Alanoud says.

Alanoud is invited to a lot of events, sometimes, up to three a day. But she doesn’t believe in going from pillar to post to make an appearance everywhere. She likes to carefully select the event of her preferred choice, where she believes in giving that respect to the host who has worked hard to organize an event and has wanted her to be a part of it. “The number of events have grown furiously in the recent past. Now, almost every day, there is one. It wasn’t like that before. They didn’t even have goodie bags then. It was just an intimate number of people who interacted with one another and had a good time. Now it’s more about making the organizer/brand happy. I, personally, prefer to attend a sit down dinner with the designer of the brand or the host where I can have a good conversation.”

With a packed day, the talented designer follows a dedicated beauty regime, which is her day and night cream, drinking water to stay fresh and glowing, and up to eight hours of sleep, which she believes, is of utmost importance. “On the day of a very important soiree, I choose not to take on anything in the day and book a massage, manicure and hair treatment before the event,” she says.

Alanoud’s style is impeccable. She is one of the few who doesn’t believe in updating her wardrobe very often. “Trends tend to find their way back to the scene, so it’s good to keep certain trends in your closet, just in case. I usually lean towards the classics and every season I’ll adopt a certain trend that sticks out and suits me.” But if there is one item she could never part with in her collection, it would be a vintage Chanel blazer given to her by her mother.

Even though Alanoud is extremely selective about the events she attends, she is never one to back down from following the dress code. “It is good to stick to the dress code and theme. It’s the respect you give to your host and the event itself. Also always keep in mind that you must be on time and never overstay,” she says. And what would be her theme if she had a choice to organize a soiree? “I’d definitely go for a Shakespearean midsummer dream theme.”

• Three things in your bag?
Bronzer, iPhone and Smints
• Heels or flats?
• Favourite makeup?
Don’t have one. I like something
from every brand.
• Personal style?
Rock chic runway
• Your signature perfume?
Tom Ford- Black Orchid