Rolls Royce Dawn

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It began on a Thursday morning with a phone call from a courteous member of the AGMC Dubai staff to confirm that the ‘Dawn’ was mine for the weekend. By that afternoon, the car was at my doorstep and I was all set to cruise around town.

The first thing that struck was how this was a car that could be driven and used every day. It was smooth to maneuver around the streets of Dubai and the ease with which passengers could get in and out of the car was appealing. And while this car doesn’t call out for a speeding opportunity at every traffic light, it sure did turn a number of heads.

The unique interiors take you back to the basics with push buttons to open and close air conditioning vents and rear-hinged power closing doors. From a technical point of view, when the car was delivered, I was asked whether I was familiar with the BMW 7 Series, and since that is what I currently drive, I was curious about the specifications of the Dawn. With similar suspension, drivetrain and structural elements, including the engineering, I definitely saw the familiarity. With a V12 engine and over 560 horsepower, the driving experience was exceptional.

Cruising down the highway was a treat, with the head up display on the windshield, including navigation, giving you complete comfort. And with features like radar based cruise control and lane departure warning, it ensures the driver stays alert.

The Dawn, at almost three-tons, is a convertible that hits 100 km/h in 4.3 seconds and purrs like a kitten. It offers a secure, serene and controlled drive over even the worst asphalt.

The latest addition to the Rolls Royce stable is a machine with fabulous horsepower, a smooth ride and will ensure many heads turn. This is definitely a car I hope to own soon.

By Vikram Arora