The Power of Lineage

Post 1105 of 1734
  • Carolina Herrera and Carolina Herrera de Baez

  • The Herrera Family Tree

  • Mother and daughter working on the scents

  • Herrera Tuberose
    “This is the collection’s flagship fragrance. The scent takes me back to my childhood, when I used to go with my mother to ‘The Perfume Workshop’ at Bloomingdale’s on 59th Street in New York, to buy the oils of tuberose and jasmine she used to make her own fragrances,” says Carolina Jr. This scent is a hallmark of the House since 1988 and the perfume expresses the purity, excellence, charisma and refinement that identify the family’s character.

  • Oud Couture
    “This fragrance reminds of a very special gift I received on a trip to the Middle East with my mother. Over there, oud is used as the base for making perfumes that have unique fragrances, and are defined by its dark and sensual appeal,” she says. The fragrance is an ode to fashion that is adapted into something special. Inspired by the art of layering perfumes, the process enabled her to obtain a personal and intimate scent that is reminiscent of the craftsmanship she grew up watching as her mother created collections.

  • Burning Rose
    For this scent, Carolina Jr. says, “My mother has always said that red is an important colour; it’s fun, rich and slightly mysterious. For me, it’s the icon of the House of Herrera- a colour I associate with celebration, energy and vitality.” The scent represents an explosion of creative energy. It is the scented expression of spontaneity and charm entwined with the colour and pays tribute to an era of magic and fable.

  • Amber Desire
    She says, “The softness and warmth of amber reminds me of the sweet woody smell of the bedrooms in my family home. It was a charming atmosphere, which, with its combination of old books, antique furniture and works of art, made me feel protected and safe.” For Carolina Herrera de Baez, amber represents the refuge, peace and quiet she felt at home. With this fragrance, she aimed to reinvent and explore every nuance of this scent, based on a perfect fusion of tradition and modernity.

  • Neroli Boheme
    “When creating Neroli Boheme, I took my inspiration from citrus fruits, wish I always associate with origins. First, their scent takes me back to my childhood, family moments in which I was surrounded by spectacular landscapes. I also identify them with my early days as a professional, as they were the ingredients that introduced me to the world of fragrances,” she explains. The magnificent and splendid scent conveys a unique strength and temperament derived from the enthusiastic and relentless spirit of the Herrera family.

  • Nightfall Patchouli
    “I have felt a fondness for patchouli all my life. As an ingredient it is sometimes undervalued, but I find its woody, mysterious, intense and seductive essence an interesting way to explore the magic and mystery of the night,” says Carolina Herrera de Baez. She chooses this ingredient to represent the passion of the night. She explores and plays with the magnetic scent of spicy and sweet dyes, and conveys the spirit of the magnificent and enchanting evenings that she shared with her mother on the island of Mustique.

Carolina Herrera has been the definition of chic and elegant designs since 1980. From clothes to jewellery, shoes and more, everyone from Jacqueline Onassis to Michelle Obama has worn her. And this refined style is the inspiration behind a perfume collection created by her daughter, Carolina Herrera de Baez. The senior Carolina’s testament to curiosity about the world, a desire to experiment and learn and a quest for perfection are infused into the scents of Herrera Confidential. Finding hidden inspiration in a glance or a gesture, the mother and daughter duo credit each other for the many aspects that define their individual personalities. Sharon Carvalho delves into the stories of each perfume to find out how one inspired the other