Pop Your Cheeks with Ciate London’s Blush Pops

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You don’t have to be a makeup artist to achieve a naturally flushed look, but your blushing skills can take your makeup game from barbie to clown in a matter of just a few brush strokes. Although it’s true that wearing a blush can be a bit tricky, but with the right kind of blush and technique anyone can achieve that naturally flushed look.

Ciate London’s highly-blendable Blush Pops are here to help you achieve that perfect rosy glow. With an easy to apply mini pot applicator these non-greasy and impossible to overdo blushes are definitely dream come true for those who struggle with their blushing skills.


One of the simple rules of blush is that the darker your skin tone, the more vibrantly dark should your blush be and this deep rosy pink is perfect for those dark skinned beauties who wish to achieve dewy-rosy cheeks. Add on a few extra swipes for a bolder look.


Suitable for those with both yellow and pink under-toned skin, this blush has a classic pink base with a delightful twist of coral, making it the perfect peachy blush to achieve those just been pinched cheeks and to add a bit of colour to combat paleness.