Olivier Dolz

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“If you want to save time, effort and headaches then work with the professionals,” says founder of Space and Flower, a company run by the French master florist Olivier Dolz who has personally trained a highly talented team of florists. He takes his inspiration from his extensive travels all over the world to create the most luxurious and unexpected designs at weddings, opening ceremonies and events. “We accompany you to every stage of your life making each floral feature and bouquet a piece of art to remember,” he adds.

Olivier narrates how he first ventured into the business of passion and design, “Welcome 2006 and my passion for flowers opened many doors for me. People trusted my taste in design and started asking me to do their whole wedding, not just the flower decoration. I am grateful that good reputation travels fast. One wedding lead to another and the rest is history,” he recollects.

He is quick to respond that he does not take what he does as a business. “Flowers are my passion in life, driven by art and creativity. They take me to a world full of beauty and happiness and it delights me to share this beautiful world with others on their special day and diffuse happiness upon all,” he smiles beamingly.

Olivier explains the journey he and his clients share which is demanding, yet rewarding. “I meet with my client to ‘brain storming’, discuss their ideas and propose mine as well, and finally we come up with a design that both, they and I, are satisfied with,” he tells.

Then comes the execution phase for the Space and Flower team. “It is demanding, yet rewarding – demanding because we have space, time and weather constraints; rewarding because at the end of the day, we have a real life image of everything we and the clients imagined. For Olivier his journey with his clients is never ending. He makes sure he invests in a relationship that is a friendship for a lifetime.

Knowing to build your asset as a trade secret, guarantees unsurpassable satisfaction. And the secret of histrade is from where he sources his flowers. “I assure you that we provide all the brides around the world with the best quality of flowers.”

But as challenges are a part of any endeavor, being in the Middle East, the climatic conditions make implementing ideas of décor with flowers difficult. “Our flowers are like our children, they are treated with special care by our professional team of florist so not even the heat can stand in the way of perfection,” says Olivier with a self-confident smile.

The bride is his main inspiration, and since every bride has her own unique character; flower arrangements are customized to match that character, thus making every arrangement unique in its own way. “Of course the theme and the colors of the wedding are also taken into consideration. Just like a mosaic piece of art, every element is in harmony with the other to create the perfect mood and a timeless emotion,” the master florist details.

What distinguishes Olivier in this ever growing field is our passion towards it, “We are passionate about what we do, whether it is the design or the execution stage. Every satisfied bride is our motivation to go beyond what we think our limits are.”

All of Olivier’s clients are treated with the same amount of respect and professionalism, be they lower budget
events or high budget events.

“However, we did a lot of weddings and events for leading clientele such as royal families in the UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. All of them were extremely satisfied of the results. I am connected with some of them and this is the best feedback I can ever hope for.”

One of the most challenging events Olivier has ever ventured in has been organizing the décor arrangements for private event for 800 guests in India last January. “About 500 people were involved in the production process and150 entertainers from all around the world were there to perform including the dancers from Lido de Paris,” says the proud florist.

For Olivier the thought of making his loved ones happy continuously inspires him to create heartwarming events for them, “I am regularly involved in various aspects of the very close friends and family’s weddings or parties. And yes, absolutely I love planning into the smallest details my family’s events!” Visit www.olivierdolz.com to discover Olivier’s world.