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NUXE launches Merveillance® expert fluide, combining the powers of anti-aging with correction of combination skin

For women with combination skin, NUXE has concentrated Daylily’s anti-aging power to fill in wrinkles and provide a firming effect in a formula with a velvety matte finish, designed specially to meet their needs. Combination skin is replumped, seemingly lifted… with no fear of shine!

The secret behind the formula…
NUXE Research took a closer look at the three key dermal proteins. In addition to collagen and elastin, NUXE highlighted a key protein that remains almost unexplored in cosmetics, despite its role in the integrity of the dermal architecture: vimentin. As we get older, these three proteins can be subject to alteration. This then triggers the appearance of signs of aging.

This revelation was NUXE’s inspiration for the development of a novel anti-aging response. The source of the innovation was the discovery of a flower with marvelous powers: Daylily. In combination with Mimosa of Constantinople, Daylily Oleoactive® protects and repairs the 3 key proteins of skin youth. Merveillance® expert therefore offers a solution to combat visible lines and loss of firmness.