Nostalgic Nuances

Post 1695 of 1734

Inspired by life, history and childhood memories, artist and jewellery designer Shamsa Al Omaira is able to delve into the depths of her artwork. The result is a deeply embedded personal experience. By Tarini Pahwa

“The details are my guiding light beginning from a single thread in a textile, to the treble in a person’s tone, to the history behind certain objects,”explains Shamsa Al Omaira. Although she has spent majority of her time perfecting her art, she is no stranger to the world of showcases and finds time in her busy schedule to display her work to connoisserus. Shamsa’s work has been exhibited in numerous locations in the UAE, such as The Nishan exhibition at the Bastakiya Art Fair in Dubai and UAE inspiration retrospective at the Art Hub, Abu Dhabi. She has also had the opportunity to showcase her work at the first Emirati exhibition in London titled Three Generations, which took place at Sotheby’s.

Intrigued by the machination of the mind, Shamsa enters a fascinating world through her creative practice and follows an extensive research of ideas and various philosophical theories. This leads to her creating works which question the complexity of the mind, the reflection of thought and theories that correspond with personal experience. When asked what inspires her, she states, “It might sound like a cliché, but everything and anything inspires me. My latest collections have been inspired by a quote I read, an art concept, and celebrating the emotions women go through, their strength and vulnerability.”

Lately, Shamsa has ventured into the world of jewellery design, with success. “Getting into it was very random because it literally fell into my lap when I was having a conversation with a friend. As an artist, I tend to use my talent in every aspect of my life, whether it is designing, writing or even helping a friend out.” And like her loyal fans, Shamsa has her favorites. “Everything I design is my favorite! But I admire the strength in ‘Her Pulse’ collection that celebrates women around the world. I also love ‘The O Sapphires’ collection because of the technical beauty and uniqueness of each piece.”

Shamsa is constantly pushing herself to achieve more and evolve as an artist. She asserts, “What pushes me to create is not only the thrill of beautifying objects or creating a visual for people to admire, it is also that I put all of my emotions and fears into creating these objects.” This evolution can be seen in her latest project ‘The O Jewelry’, which is a fine jewellery line that strives for excellence in quality, design, and materials. “I have the most loyal and appreciative customers, and my brand has been receiving lots of admiration from around the UAE and recently from the GCC, as well,” she gushes. Using 18k gold, diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones; the designs celebrate the richness of the past with the simplicity of the present, and the aspiration for the future.

Speaking of the future, Shamsa expresses an interest in opening a small ‘O Jewelry’ boutique in the capital and maybe even international recognition and eventually worldwide admiration. She prays, “I hope the new collection gets the recognition it deserves and finds a home with customers that will hold onto these pieces for a lifetime.”