Nathalie Trad

Post 1651 of 1734

When you ask Nathalie about the women she sees carrying her clutches, her answer makes you aspire to be just that kind of woman. “My collection caters to the strong, modern woman of today,” she explains, “Someone who appreciates the art of design, has a keen eye for fashion and is looking for unique and dramatic statement pieces with a contemporary edge.”

“My design process starts with an idea. Something that sparks my imagination and leads my mind to a parallel universe where I feel like I am running at 200 kilometres per hour,” explains the brilliant mind behind the eponymous label, Nathalie Trad. Once the idea takes root, the sketches flow, the idea grows and the process takes its own course. “The next stage involves going over all my drawings, editing and refining them and starting the process of turning them into products,” she says. Technical sheets and even clay prototypes help Nathalie visualise the piece and while seasoned artisans in the Far East do the manufacturing, she is involved in every step of the creation process.

Having recently launched a third collection, one that was inspired from cubism and futurism, Nathalie tends to
gravitate towards using shell as a base, a material that she sources from the Far East, “That area is a treasure trove of exquisite materials.” What follows is a harmonious balance of ingredients such as wood, stone, resin, brass and stainless steel, that seem incompatible with the shell or mother of pearl, but come together to create intricately crafted clutches. “We are constantly working on different materials and techniques to see how they work with each other and complement each other,” she states while explaining how important it is to understand how each of the resources react to temperature, humidity and other external factors. “We spend months testing the materials before going forward with production.”

The process of creating something new is one that takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions but for Nathalie, it is one she would never give up, “It is such an exciting process that always leads to new unexpected discoveries!”