Modern Muse Nuit A New Fragrance By Estée Lauder

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The Muse

Kendall Jenner steps into the night provoking a sense of mystery after dark in the NEW Modern Muse Nuit campaign. Her dark sultry eyes captivate, amplified lips seduce and slicked back hair intrigues. She’s cloaked in lavish onyx feathers, dressed to make a statement. Her mystery hypnotizes and her sensuality intoxicates. Her path is paved in the darkness by her striking beauty, commanding confidence and undeniable sensuality. This Modern Muse is the envy of the night.

Follow the Muse into the night. Introducing an opulent new scent that embodies the sensuality, glamour and intrigue of an evening to remember – NEW Estée Lauder Modern Muse Nuit. Drenched in glamour, the distinctively velvet scent presents itself as an elegant navy-tinged essence in a gilded Modern Muse bow bottle. Its captivating magnetism and sensual seduction emulate the luxurious mystery of the night to create an intriguing new statement for the Modern Muse.

With an unerring eye for luxury, this Modern Muse takes dress to impress and transforms it far beyond with an innate elegance and confidence. Her seductive stare captivates everyone in her wake; and as the night evolves, her mysterious signature intensifies with dual impressions which are utterly unforgettable.