Men We Love : Transcending Boundaries

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Faraz Manan, started his career in 2003 as a designer with his mother, Memoona Manan. Since then, Manan has established himself as one of the country’s leading designers, under his eponymous label, Faraz Manan. His unprecedented status within the industry, beautiful aesthetics and attention to detail have set him apart as one of the sub-continents top designers. He’s now branched out internationally into the Middle East with his flagship store in Dubai. Shweta Bhatia talks to the master of the garment

Do you remember the first ever outfit you designed?
Yes, It was an Oyster colored tissue bridal dress. It was intricate, with a lot of work going in and is very dear to my heart.

Describe your new collection?
Faraz Manan’s “Imperial AW 2015”, just like the word imperial transcends beyond race, cultures and nationalities. It’s not bound by time or an era yet has a unique and distinctive style and identity. It further translates into our decision of expanding into this region. The collection is a beautiful mix of the finest fabrics; French silks, brocade and organza with hues of grey, blue, pink, silver and gold. Further complimented by traditional embellishments and intricate embroidery techniques with modern cuts for a wider appeal. Imperial A/W’ 15 has been designed for the confident yet delicate woman who enjoys the finer things in life.

Will you also have more Western pieces at your store?
Yes, we do luxury pret collections that entail separates like; skirts, tops and jackets. In gowns, you would find heavily embellished and dramatically draped ones also.

How do you think fashion has evolved today?
Fashion today has transcended boundaries;its not limited to a particular region, race or culture. Fashion has become more relatable to everyone across the globe.

What is your piece of advice for every woman when choosing haute couture?
My advice would be to opt for something that compliments your personality and leave the rest to the designer.

How does a wedding dress differ from any other dress?
A wedding dress is the most important outfit in a girl’s life; she has envisioned herself in it since she was a little girl, it should reflect her joy, happiness and emotion, she should feel confident and like royalty on her wedding day. For us designing THE dress means that we will take part in her beautiful journey. Hence we put all our attention into delivering personalized quality and beauty that can be cherished as an heirloom.

What is the most important lesson you learned so far in the world of fashion?
To never fall prey to competition and sticking to my signature style, that being the only way to succeed.

Who has been your influence in fashion?
Pioneer couturiers like Valentino & Oscar De La Renta. They are reckoned with for their classic style and timeless couture pieces.

A celebrity you want to dress?
Queen Rania, despite being royalty she is working hard trying to make a difference in the world and looks stunning while doing so.

Describe the Faraz Manan bride?
A Faraz Manan bride is content, happy and confident from within.

Faraz Manan’s personal style is..
Classic, understated, good quality and comfortable