Maximum Impact

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These are words that describe the effect Raffles International School student, 14 year old
Polina Butorina has on us, when considering her achievements. She is a singer, actress and anchor
with nothing less than a Hollywood film debut to her credit. She also possesses a remarkable maturity
far ahead of her chronological years. Manju Ramanan speaks to the young achiever on what moves
her and keeps her aiming towards new horizons

You started very early?
I started making music when I was 9 years old. I also have ten hit singles to my credit where I have been the
singer and songwriter. This includes ‘No One is Crying’ and ‘My Heart’, which won the Kinder Municipal
Awards 2013 and ‘14 in Russia for the Best Song of  the Year and Best Video respectively. I am extremely
thankful to my family for having believed in me and supported me all the way. I am truly grateful to them.

You are debuting in a Hollywood movie?
Yes, early next year is my debut in a Hollywood movie called Maximum Impact, a gripping action flick on the
Federal Security Service of Russia and the US Secret Service who are forced to work together to prevent a
full-scale international crisis.

Tell us about the rest of your roles.
I have been an actor, singer, TV presenter and model. In Russia, I have acted in several movies including Black
Rose (2013), Book of Witches (2014), Changing Lives (2014), and Showdown In Manila (2015). I have also
hosted several popular TV shows in Russia including the leading musical program ‘Children’s Top Ten with
Yana Rudkovskaya’ on Muz-TV and the leading show ‘Tryndyat Fashion’ on fashion, music and beauty on
RU.TV. I have also walked the ramp for top fashion labels and events in Russia.

So you always knew that music was your calling?
Music is like oxygen to me. I used to sing in Russian and now I sing in English. I write in English too. Maybe it is
because of Dubai and my friends, but one day I will write in Russian again. I write about what I feel and sometimes I write about things that I see around me, that I feel I need to address. My new music video, for instance, is on the younger generation and their addiction to their phones. I have so many friends like that and
I find it unnerving.

So you aren’t addicted to your phone?
I do spend time on my phone but I am not addicted to the device. I have a lot of work to do apart from studies and I use my phone during my free time or when I want to update my Instagram, FB or my official website. I do it myself.

Have you seen your writing change over the years?
Certainly. My words have become deeper now and, with practice, comes the skills to write more. So yes, they have changed for the better. I also have my studies and have tried to balance my life and my career well. I am a normal teenager.

What is that you want to do?
I cannot decide between music and acting. But I know that they can both be done together. I would love to be part of theatre, as well, since the stage combines the two too. And most theatre people are good actors. When I was 4 years old I wanted to be a singer, at 8 I still wanted to be a singer and at 10 years I became one and when
I faced the camera for the first time, I wanted to be part of it for the rest of my life.

Tell us about the people on the way.
I have had the most beautiful people to guide me. My parents who, have been absolutely wonderful, and then my music and acting teachers. I hold on to them always.

Who do you look up to?
Selena Gomez

What is regular about you?
I am a regular teenager. I love shopping. It is my passion. I love buying clothes, shoes and bags. Shopping in Dubai is great. I like branded clothes and accessories. If you combine branded wear correctly with non-branded stuff, you can create a statement. Even magic!