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Dr. Zulekha Daud
Nationality: Indian
Designation: Founder and Managing Director, Zulekha Healthcare Group, UAE and India

Back in the 60s, healthcare access was limited in the UAE and it was through the efforts of Dr. Zulekha Daud that the medical landscape changed. Over the past 50 years, she has revolutionized the field of medicine in the country and has inspired others to follow suit.

She received her medical degree from the Government Medical College in Nagpur, India and moved to the UAE in 1964 to work at the Kuwaiti Mission Hospital in Sharjah.The severe dearth of female doctors and her dedicated service had her capturing the hearts of the UAE nationals and expatriates, to the extent that she came to be known as Mama Zulekha.

This surge of emotion inspired her to create world-class medical facilities that were compassionate and affordable and that is how the first Zulekha Hospital opened in Sharjah in 1992. The following years saw the establishment of the Zulekha Healthcare Group with a second hospital in Dubai, three medical centers and many pharmacies.

Recognizing the need for educational intervention in her hometown, Dr. Zulekha founded a vocational training institute with a charitable trust to provide education and vocational training for the needy, deserving and rural population. She is also engineering the cause of ‘Clean Drinking Water‘in the region and has started by adopting neighbouring non-functional educational institutes as her first foray in to reviving the Educational landscape at the center of India.