Masterclass- The Eyes Have It

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Genevieve Rippon Shows us how to Balance a Story Eye with a Neutral Lip

Prepare and prime the skin with a good moisturizer and primer to smoothen out creases and imperfections on the face. Next, apply a mineral based foundation to make the skin glow.
dddHighlight the areas of your face that you like using a highlighting powder. For Anastasia, we applied some to the tip of her nose,lip line and cheekbones.
3-croppedBring warmth and opulence to the eyes by applying gold and copper tones to the eyelids.
again-crop4Add drama and a vampish touch with a very dark eyeliner in and out of the under part of the eye which is known as the waterline. Add a touch of black eye shadow and apply a very dark black mascara.
again-crop5To give more importance to the eyes, add some freshness with a subdued rosy lip and cheek.
again-crop-6For your hair, curl it with a flat iron. Use a dry shampoo to life the roost of your hair and give more volume. Add  some hair spray and the look is done.

Photographer: Guillaume Nallet @ Super Deluxe Studio
Stylish: Chrystel Livolsi @ Super Deluxe Studio
Hair and Make up Artist: Genevieve Rippon
Model: Anastasia Plewka