Masterclass – Pinning it up

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  • To start the look, curl your hair with curling tongs. Then pin the curls in place. This allows them to cool and set properly.

  • Prep the skin and lips using a good moisturiser and lip balm to avoid dry patches on skin and cracked lips. Then, correct dark circles and blemishes. Use an orange tinged corrector to neutralise purple tones and a green corrector to neutralise pink and red tones.

  • To apply eyeliner perfectly, start with the outer part of the eyelid gliding your brush toward the inner part of the eye to distribute the product thicker on the outside and finer toward the inside.

  • For added drama, put some eyelashes on and cover the glue with the same eyeliner.

  • To create a better and long lasting result, use a matte lipstick and lip liner

  • This look can be work two ways. Either cover your curls with a pretty scarf and go on with your day.

  • Or, undo the pins and tease the fringe. Roll up the front section around two fingers in a victory roll style setting it in place with bobby pins and a fair amount of hair spray.

To create a look that is reminiscent of 40’s pin up girl, Genevieve Rippon divulges a few tips and tricks

Photographer: Chrystel Livolsi @ Super Deluxe Studio
Styling: Guillaume Nallet @ Super Deluxe Studio
Hair and makeup artist: Genevieve Rippon
Model: Suzanne