Masterclass: Glowing Gold

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use a correcting concealer to even out the skin if you find that you have different tones across different sections of your face. Follow this with foundation.


Create definition using two-three shades darker to highlight and two-three shades lighter to contour.


For the eyes, use warm colours in the crease and go with shades of brown to enhance the look.


Eyeliner makes your eyes look bigger, longer and more defined. Keep it simple with a thin line to look professional.


Mascara, when applied to the tip only, creates an eye that is fuller.


To Create the ultimate glow and matte-finish, brush on a mineral based power. Then, use a manipulator and spray to pull your hair into an elegant side bun.

For a Look that is chic, effortless and subtle, makeup artist Genevieve Rippon shows us how to turn heads while creating a powerful impact

Beauty Tip: Mix basic gloss and your eye shadow to create a lipstick that is the same shade. Dab this onto the center of your lip to have it catch the light.