Masterclass : For the love of Rock n Roll

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  • Beautiful makeup starts with a well-hydrated face, neck and lips. Apply moisturiser to the area, lip balm to the lips and finish with a sheer foundation to keep the look modern.

  • Highlight the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and the cupid's box to add radiance to the look

  • Add drama to the eyes with contrasting eyeshadows

  • For the top of the eye, use gel liner and a fine brush to draw a pronounced line that is extended just past the outer corner of the lid. For the under eye, keep it diffused and soft.

  • Create a fun and cheeky look by drawing a pointy, heart-shape upper lip, cheating your natural I shape by using concealer and a very sharp lip liner.

  • Keep the complexion rosy and fresh with a light blush. Avoid bronzer as this will clash with the desired look. For the hair, tie it up in a high ponytail and leave a deep fringe. Tease the fringe stiff and fix it with a firm hairspray. Roll it around your fingers and pin it in place.

The 1950’s saw a music revolution that brought rock music to the world. This movement inspired a makeup look that is iconic. Genevieve Rippon shows us how to bring the era back

Photographer: Guillaume Nallet @ Super Deluxe Studio
Hair and Makeup Artist: Genevieve Rippon
Model: Jerry @ MMG models