Masterclass: For the bridal glow

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  • Black top: Donna Karan
    Hairpiece: Ezra
    Dress: Ezra
    Ring: Michael Rose

  • Drink plenty of water! Keeping hydrated is the only thing that will improve the texture of your skin and lips. It even minimizes pores that are dilated. Cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin to being. Then spray your face with a hydrating elixir and let that sink in. Next, apply a pore minimizing primer and a long lasting foundation

  • Contour the edge of your nose with a dark contouring powder and highlight the bridge of your nose with a lighter shade. Choose a powder version over a cream base to avoid the unflattering oily shine that could form on your nose.

  • Choose contrasting eye shadow in warm pink and mauve shades for the eye bed. Keep the paler shade for the area closer to the nose, for a fresh appearance, and under the brow, for an uplifted, radiant look.

  • Complete the eyes with some ebony black eyeliner and your favourite set of false lashes. Instead of a lipstick, use a lip stain as it has greater lasting power. Apply a little lip-gloss for a shiny look. Keep this gloss with you to refresh your lips through the day.

  • As you curl your hair, make sure to work in neat sections. After your hair cools down, flip your hair down and brush through. Then, flip your hair up and spray the top layers with hair spray. The result is a hairdo that is wavy and voluminous. Finish the look with a brush of shimmering bronzer on your décolleté.

  • Secure your headpiece or tiara and veil with pins and get ready to wed the man of your dreams!

When coming up with a look for your wedding, brides must remember that being yourself is key. Also, whatever look you are going for, it must last. So, Genevieve Rippon shows us how to be fresh, radiant and beautiful for the big day

Photographer: Chrystel Livolsi
Styling: Super Deluxe Studio
Makeup artist: Genevieve Rippon
Model: Faye @ Wilhelmina