Masterclass: A Radiant Glow

Post 1592 of 1734

Moisturise the face and neck with rich moisturizing cream. Apply lip balm to the lips. Use primer on the eyelids and face to smoothen out pores, fine lines and prevent the accumulation of makeup in the creases of the skin. Apply foundation and concealer lightly to keep the look fresh. Blot it with a damp sponge.

Fill in the eyebrows with a brow pencil and then brush it out. Use a little concealer on a thin, angled brush to outline under and above the brow line. This helps create more defined look.
Use warm brown and gold shades of eye shadow eyelids and under the eyes. Use a little black eye shadow on the outer corners and up to the crease to emphasises the colour gradient. Apply fake lashes.
To make the complexion warm, use a soft peach blush and add a little highlight to the cheek bone.
A peach gloss on the lips adds to the retro look but keeps it fresh and summery.
A-Radiant-Glow6Curl your hair with a large barrel curling tong but roll only half way up your hair. Let it cool and brush it out well to reveal your retro glamorous waves

When red carpet glam and a sun kissed tan meet, you find yorself with a retro look that is chic and trendy. Genevieve Rippon shows us how to achieve it.