Manuu Mamta

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Simplicity, wearabilty and sensuality are the pillars of Mannu and Mamta’s collections.The designer
duo from Delhi specialise in Indian and Western styles of clothing and has seen success with the concept.

Translating the essence of Kashmir with a blend of Mughal inspired work, they have kept the easy modern silhouettes with warm color tones. “The Kashmiri lotus, the vibrance of colour and the intricacies blend with the luxury and the royalty of Mughal art. This makes our garments look very regal,elaborate and yet soothing to a woman’s eye,” says Manuu. “The elaborate drapes of the Mughal era make every woman look sensuous and makes her happy,” he adds.

The inspiration and dream to create their own designer line came at a very young age in life says Manuu, “Since childhood, I always had a flair for beautifully draped clothing and vibrant colours. This passion grew as I grew older and so my company came into being to bring my dreams to reality. The concept of an Indian figure and beauty fits perfectly into the definition of my inspiration of good clothing. Their sensuality and complexion inspires me to create stylized clothing which falls beautifully on them.”

The duo believes that comfort is a pre-requisite for fashion without which, one loses the charm of dressing up and looking good. The latest trend in fashion is defined embroidery, and silhouettes that enhance your personality. Which is why, customizing the outfits to their clients’ need and tastes is important to them.
So what comes next for Manuu and Mamta? “One is always hoping to do better than the best. Everyone desires to reach great heights and so do we. The sky is the limit to success and that’s all we desire.”

By Nancy Varghese