Lush Fragrances Inspired by Family Memories

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There is a story to be told behind each unique product and Lush’s perfume range is no different. You may know the brand for its fun colours and magical smells, but its fragrances are all about sentiment and remembrance. Mark Constantine, founder of Lush brought his emotions and memories into play when putting together these scents with his son Simon, creating meaningful and distinctive aromas that are truly one of a kind. The father and son relationship is the essence of these fragrances, made through bonding experiences and smells that recall family memories. Some say smell is the strongest sense tied to memory and Lush’s perfumes couldn’t agree more!

Here are the stories behind some of Lush’s favourite fragrances:

Dear John – Growing up, Mark never got to know his father, who left the family home when he was little. Years later, he developed the perfume Dear John to create a scent that would emulate burying his face in his absent father’s jacket.

During the formulation of the perfume he realised having grown up in a household full of women that he wasn’t really certain of how a man should smell. He knew that he wanted his remembrance of his father to smell of coffee, and went on to add notes of coriander, lime and tobacco. When you smell some on your skin, all that fills your head is a memory of the familiar.

Dad’s Garden Lemon Tree – This fragrance captures Mark’s father’s verdant South African garden, full of light and bright colours. Experience a rush of sunny lemon and juicy lime with this fragrance.

This uplifting, tribute scent exudes sweet citrus with a sharp twist that lingers on the skin and in the mind. Linger under the Lemon Tree and luxuriate in the warmth of the sun on the nape of your neck.

All Good Things – All Good Things pays tribute to a relationship that was much valued, now ended and celebrated as an irresistible fragrance.

The cyclical nature of life is reflected in our connections with other humans. People slip in and out of our orbits, bringing ideas and inspirations into our hemispheres and the joy of collaboration and shared passions.