Lubna and Nadia Al Zakwani

Post 1663 of 1734

Lubna and Nadia Al Zakwani


Endemage- of Arab origin, means the merging of two. This brand features the designs of a graduate from ESMOD (The French Fashion University) whose name is Lubna Al Zakwani supported by her sister Nadia Al Zakwani. The name describes the designs which are a blend of ethnic, chic and luxury, through a range of ultra-elegant, floorskimming, East- meets-West designs, as well as, modern and in-trend fashions.

The dynamic sisters behind the label, Lubna and Nadia Al Zakwani, are focused on revolutionizing the world of contemporary women’s wear in the Middle East.

“It began in 2010,” says Lubna, “after I graduated from ESMOD. I designed a collection called abayas every season and in 2012 we introduced our first full collection of abayas and ready to wear at Muscat Fashion Week.”

Since then, the sisters have dedicated themselves to innovation and design, while holding on to their culture and tradition. “Even though we focus more on our ready to wear collections, I will always design abayas because you can never have enough of them!” she exclaims.

Lubna has a creative way with her colourful palette, designing the evergreen abayas and the ready to wear collection. The selection of printed pieces elevates the collection to a more tasteful and sophisticated standard. The collection highlights traditional Omani embroidery inspired by the famous forts in Oman, which is reflected in the fabric.

Endemage continuously showcases the brand’s aesthetics by drawing spur from traditional Arabic architecture and design patterns. The brand celebrates their heritage through design. The sisters feel that working together helps them think outside the box and expand beyond their comfort zone. When they have two completely different themes they work together and meet midway.

The fashion designer persuades, “Maintaining seasonal collections and following the international calendar is
probably one of the hardest things but it is also one of the most important.”

Aspiring, Lubna comments, “Recognition and respect, it’s still a relatively new market and we need to prove ourselves as regional designers. It’s been a challenge but were getting there.” Featured on Arwaa Abaya television show, the sisters shed light about their passion with fashion designing since their childhood and detail about taking inspiration primarily from their mother’s boutique. Lubna and Nadia Al Zakawani, representing the fashion house, provided some amazing insights into the world of modern fashion juxtaposed with traditional silhouettes and embellishments.