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Remember that fringe you gave yourself in the eight grade that cascaded over your eyes and gave you partial vision? Probably not. But you definitely remember the regret and mortification that came with a bad new hairstyle, and stayed with you for a month until you grew it out and make your next abysmal hair choice. Over the years, we’ve all spent hours scrolling through hair accounts on Instagram or getting sucked into the world of Pinterest only to realise it’s 3am and you need to sleep. We do this and more just to avoid the humiliation of a bad hair-do. But for 2016, let that faux pas be a thing of the past. Debasree Banerjee tells us what trends to keep an eye out for in the new year

If you’re not ready to go all out with your hair transformation, you could ease into it with a sombré. It’s ombré but softer, a subtle shift of colour from your roots till your ends. It adds dimension and lifts up your hair ever so slightly, without having to think about touch up for months.

To take it a notch higher, you could try out one of the hottest hair trends of the season. Lauren Conrad, Sophia Vergara and Rosie Huntington-Whitely have all been wearing Tortoiseshell hair colour lately. Tortoiseshell colour, also called ‘ecaille’, enhances your natural hair colour by softening the edges around the corner and adding shine to your flat, dry hair. The smooth separation of darks and lights adds softness around your hairline and your ends. However, this is a high maintenance hairstyle and requires frequent touch ups to keep up with the seamless highlights and lowlights.

Mermaid hair is passé this season but if you still want to try something colourful without looking like you had crayons melted on your hair then check out rose gold hair. You could add a touch of rose gold on the tips, softly around the edges of your face, do a rose gold ombré with your natural hair colour or dye your whole hair with it. Rose gold hair colour is better suited to ‘lobs’, a long bob, but also adds dimension to a longer mane. Just make sure that you go for the shade that suits your skin tone and hair length. Pinker hues might look better if you have a cooler skin tone but go for a golden hue if you have a warmer tone. This, again, is high maintenance if you want to keep the shade from fading away.

Another trend that has seen the light of day lately is silvery-grey tips. This stylish trend is definitely not for the faint-hearted but looks gorgeous when done right. Make sure that the transition from your natural roots to your grey tips is done subtly, and curl your hair for maximum effect. You can even take your grey tips to the next level by adding a hint of lilac to brighten them up. This, again, is a high maintenance colour and achieving it is a long process too. Especially if you aren’t naturally light haired. Dyeing your hair grey can take up to 3-7 hours depending upon your hair length and keeping up the colour needs a colour balancing purple shampoo and a deep moisturising conditioner.

Moving on to the next trend, colour shading, which is achieved by dividing the hair into sections from top to bottom and adding a lighter colour, one layer at a time. You could go au naturel with colour shading by adding soft caramel tones or you can go all out with bright colours hidden underneath your natural shade. This is another one of those high maintenance looks but so worth it.

Once you’ve zeroed in on the hair trend that you want, it’s important to take care of your locks. Shampooing your hair right will ensure that you have a long-lasting colour and it doesn’t lie flat and dull. When looking for a shampoo for coloured hair, gravitate towards colour safe and sulphate free ones. Sulphates in your shampoo can react with the colour in your hair and wash it out. It also leaves your hair extremely dry. Remember to concentrate on washing your scalp rather than your whole hair as it can leave the ends dry. Use a colour safe conditioner and apply it starting from the middle moving towards your tips. Using a deep conditioner is very important on coloured hair since it has gone through a lot and you need to give back the moisture your hair has lost.

Heat styling your coloured hair is inevitable since most coloured hair looks better when curled or textured. Hop on to more ‘heat free’ curling techniques like sleeping with a bun or a tight rope braid to reduce damage. Use a heat protecting spray all over your hair before you apply any heat tool on it. Follow it with a serum or light hair oil to give back moisture. Coloured hair also leads to a lot of frizz, especially in this region. Tame that frizz by applying a leave-in conditioner on your damp hair followed by a light serum as soon as it is dry. Deep condition your hair once or twice a week by applying hot oil all over your strands and covering it with a shower cap for an hour or even overnight. This will not only hydrate your coloured hair but also make it frizz free for days.